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Tired cops


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I had that happen to me as I was driving on the opposite lane to the truck that lost the wheel.  I saw the wheel hit the median and bounce quite high.  I adjusted my speed higher to where I believed the tire and I would meet when it hit the ground.  I was right and my bumper drop kicked that tire damn near a block through the air into a parking lot which was fortunately empty.  I had a Dodge Dakota 4 x 4.

I did a U turn at the next corner and drove back to the pickup that was sitting against the curb minus the left rear tire and wheel.  The guy said the tire place had just put the wheels on a short distance back.  All the lug nuts were gone of course.   I got his insurance company and they replaced my dented bumper.

It worked just like it was supposed to, or I would have a tire in my windshield instead.

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14 minutes ago, MO Fugga said:

They'res one similar to what Maser posted I was looking for. Dude sitting down chilling in the corner of the shop when a truck tire hits him at warp 5.


Not seen that one before.  You sure you're not thinking of the gas station one?


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I was once driving outside of Disney World when a bus ejected a double tire assembly in front of me. That's several hundred pounds of double tire bouncing free in front of me. I performed a tactical avoidance move (I swerved hard out of the way) while simultaneously pooping my pants. 

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Luckily it didn't hit anyone, but I watched a dump truck lose an axle on the freeway, coming the opposite direction.  

2 big wheels and the hub and axle shaft passing it on the median.

Fortunately where it did it the lanes I was in are 50 feet away and about 20 feet higher elevation.  I had a good view from my motorcycle for all of the 5 seconds I saw before I was past.



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2 hours ago, M&P15T said:

IIRC, he died.

There was a female motorcycle rider that took a wheel to the head, and died immediately, a few years back IIRC.


If I ever met my demise in a random goofy way like that, I can only hope it's being recorded and then played on a loop at my funeral. 

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