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  1. Well yes, it asks you for the VIN number and a verification number within the car itself. Not terribly easy to hack.
  2. I needed to add a new car to my selection due to the fact that I have a daughter starting to drive. An easy beginner car. Holy tap dancing Jesus, this little car is high tech. You can control it from your smart phone. Someone steals your car? No problem, pull out your phone and turn off the engine.
  3. I vacationed to LA in California just a month or so ago. Gas is expensive as all hell.
  4. Of course you are correct. I'd be more impressed if it got up and walked around.
  5. The Belgian Malinois are easily mistaken for a German Shepard. They don't have the genetic hip problems common for a German Shepard. They also are higher energy and have a tendency to act dominate, which requires a firm handler to keep them in line. Probably not a good dog for a casual family pet. This is why they are nick named mali-gators or fur missiles...
  6. A Belgian Malinois. They will mall the living hell out of you as a suspect, and any likely bystanders for good measure. Good boy....
  7. I'd imagine there is heavy brush terrain where even your truck can't reach a moose. Drag it out to your truck?? ATV?
  8. Now you can make a list of all the mods you're going to do. I vote for painting flames on the sides to start with.
  9. Can't blame rookies for being rookies, you only teach them
  10. Hindsight is always 20-20. They should have had an overwatch, keeping an eye over the unarmed soldiers
  11. Training exercises generally mean that you must be unarmed for safety. We even go so far as to search each other to make sure weapons don't enter the training exercise. It would really suck to find yourself in need of a real weapon when you are in a training exercise. That is just some bad luck right there.
  12. Trust me, half of the people in the crowd aren't even aware there are horses around. It's pretty much an excuse to get together with friends and drink all day long. The infield area is the best. One person sneaked in a case of beer by covering it with icing and passing it off as a large cake.
  13. Strikes me as rather archaic to think that the remains of her body really mean anything at all. But, I know lots of people believe in those things, so I don't want to step on anyone's religious beliefs....
  14. My ability to have a sense of humor and take a joke is usually inversely proportional to the number of hours I had to work that week. Take last week for example, which was Derby week. I really didn't have much of a sense of humor left after working Derby week. Police should generally be able to take a joke, but we have our limits.
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