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  1. I had one like that once. Eventually tore the can apart and left the base attached. I finally had to use an air chisel to drive the base off the threaded mount.
  2. I wonder if her book is written as poorly as her thesis............... She wrote like a student rather than a teacher/
  3. Long ago at a range session my son and I enjoyed. I was shooting a .357 Magnum Chiappa 4". I love this revolver. Having a good time and also listening to the report. Next to me the stall had a young guy around 20/30 with a pretty young woman. The only gun he had was a .44 Magnum. It was loud!. He was shooting slow and spending a lot of time in preparation and examining his shots. But, he was constantly coaxing the young woman to shoot his Magnum. She did take one shot that I saw and he laughed at her barely handling the recoil. She gave the gun back to him and was looking around at other shooters looking bored. About this time I took out the Smith and Wesson 5 inch target pistol (.22). I was shooting with a Red Dot sight and I caught her looking quite puzzled at the apparatus attached to the gun. I took a chance and asked her if she wanted to shoot it. She was interested in it I assume, because it didn't look so punishing as the Magnum. Anyway she said she would like to try it. I showed her the sight and how to use it along with the pistol safety lever and let her just heft it for a minute first. She got it, and I put in a magazine and stepped aside to let her do her thing. You should have seen the smile she had when she could see the dot on the target and the resulting holes close to bullseyes. I let her go through 3 or four magazines while I loaded. She couldn't thank me enough for the fun and she really enjoyed it. I don't know what the guy thought about it but he was busy with his magnum and didn't pay much attention to us. It was fun just seeing her enjoy something that she could shoot well that didn't cause her discomfort and from target, she shot it well. She kept her targets and put them in her purse. I do believe she had a fun time at the range.
  4. A friend of mine was ground crew for those in Guam.
  5. One of my classes in grade school I took a course in a Link Trainer to fly a Piper Cub J3. After I passed I had a flight in the Cub and was allowed to use the stick after we were in the air. I felt like I had the world by the ass. The cars on the highway below me were going faster than I was.
  6. My second daughter called me one day. She said she was calling to ask me to teach her daughter how to shoot and handle a gun. He daughter was in high school. I asked why? Since she, my daughter, had told me that she just wasn't interested in guns. She had nothing against them, it's just that she wasn't interested. She went on to tell me that she had realized that her daughter was dating and would shortly be going to parties and get togethers with her friends. As a result she believed their was a chance she might be exposed to a gun accidently or intentionally by one of her friends. This made her nervous, since she was her only daughter and she spend many years trying to get pregnant. Now she couldn't have any more children and invitro was too expensive for more. She said she wanted her daughter to be comfortable around guns to the extent that she either could handle one safely while knowing how to check to see if it was loaded. She wanted her to know enough to decide whether she should leave the vicinity of the gun if someone was being careless. In the end, Yes. I taught her how to shoot, she loved it as did most all the women in my family. They said it gave them a feeling of empowerment, a feeling that they also could stand up to someone much stronger. Afterwards, I gave her a pistol, ammunition, a holster and a lock box to keep it all in. Her mother, my daughter now had the responsibility of securing the pistol during the years my Grand Daughter is working on her PhD In Veterinary medicine. We all have different reasons.
  7. I'll have to admit to baiting my wife by pretending not to hear her. Once in a while I'll continue doing what I was doing but say, "what?". then I will ignore anything after that. She gets irritated and repeats with some hint of venom in her voice. I'll ignore what she says and just say, "OK". Finally she gets angry and jumps me with fury and claim I am ignoring her. To which. I agree! She really flames up and asks why I'm ignoring her, I answer that I want her mad! She's pissed and asks me why? I tell her because now we'll have to make up when we go to bed, and I love angry sex. I think she does too..........................
  8. We'll hear more of the Black White Supremacists.........
  9. She was very beautiful and in the series, her attitude and demeaner cause me to have some "yearnings for her".
  10. I hugged my wife three times today. She's wary now and won't let me come near her!
  11. A famous person once said that is your lounge chair, if you can keep it!
  12. Remember what was done to achieve, ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’
  13. Sam's had one checkout line open and the line was long. The four self checkout registers were empty. I went to the customer service counter and aske for a discount for self checkout. She said no, so I told her to cancel my membership and I left. If I work for someone else, I want to be reimbursed!
  14. I already did a quick check on Amazon and didn't find that one. I found a one place setting which had a socket/pliers/open end wrench on the handles. I want the ones in the post instead.
  15. This was the most delightful woman I have seen in a long time. She is simply wonderful the way she laughs and tries to read the line straight. I sent this clip to my Daughters and Grand Daughter. They know me well and I'm anxious to see what their response is. What a great post!!!!!
  16. Threads like these are like the South Park episodes. They precede the South park episode with a warning that the following shouldn't be viewed by anyone!
  17. Damn lack of federal funding for infrastructure is hitting everywhere. I hope the Beavers aren't out of work as a result of this fiasco...........
  18. In the instance of the Wind farms in CA, the decision was that only a few were killed.
  19. I talked to a ham friend of mine and he had a bad experience with an outstate Sherriff. I knew there was a problem with the law and called POST to ask about it. they told me two things about dealing with a law enforcement. One, they would see that the particular problem my friend had was resolved with an apology. Second: NEVER argue with a man with a gun!
  20. Remember the argument California greenies had for killing Bald Eagles with Windmills? It was for the environment. For everyone else, you could go to jail for killing those birds.....
  21. I had one. then some years later another one. Since they didn't find any polyps they gave up. Hooray for me! Now that I'm old, the doc asked me if I wanted one........ I couldn't think of a single reason why. Turns out after your so old, it's an elective..........
  22. The Not You Mother is half a word!.
  23. You also won the lottery. Having a wife that wants you to be happy is the best thing ever. I tease my wife in home improvement stores walking through the battery operated tools and she makes me so proud telling me to buy each and every one I fondle. I don't buy them since I don't do too much tool work anymore, but just having her on my side means the world to me. I have had guys comment that they wish their wives were like that. Congratulations on a loving spouse! My favorite old .22 is one my father found behind the back seat of a used car he bought. I was around 8 or 10. He walked into the house with it in his hand and asked me if I wanted it. I loved that gun for all my life. It was a Winchester Model 74 in .22 Short. I recently gave it to my son and he in turn gave it to his high school aged daughter. I couldn't have been happier.
  24. Yes! Every year it's the same crap! Oh God no! Snow and cold we are all going to die...... I'm old so I remember all the Winters that were far worse than what's predicted. It's pathetic what they will do to hype up a simple snow storm and cold. I had a trip to Texas one Winter and I have never had to drive on wet ice that was many inches thick before. We have Ice, but it's no more than an inch usually, usually cold here and the traction being less than a dry road is still better than the Southern Wet Ice. I hate Southern wet ice! I got into Albuquerque just on the tale of an big ice storm one night. After I brought the car back to the rental place they asked me how bad the driving on Ice was for a guy from Minnesota. I told them it's wasn't that bad. It's just that in Minnesota we know something apparently that was unknown to people in Albuquerque. They asked what that was. I told them that you can't BRAKE ON the ice!!!! They had no idea what I was talking about. I had never seen a dry road with scattered patches of 2 inch thick ice but no snow! So, all in all, I believe that with the colder temperatures in Minnesota, its far easier to drive on ice and snow up here in our colder temperatures than down South!
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