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  1. I can tell the vets around here because the thought of eating bugs doesn't even bother you.
  2. Me and my two little dogs will be running away. I might even lay down retreating fire.
  3. In order to keep him alive, you subjected him to extreme pain. There is a certain irony to that, and I'm okay with that.
  4. Ick! No, that is not normal.
  5. Good grief! Everything you ate for the week afterwards would have tasted spicy. You pretty much set off the pepper spray nuke. My eyes burn just thinking about it.
  6. After slightly peeing in my pants, I would be asking for the fire department for backup.
  7. The guards would be better off working at McDonald's. That's why I've never had much faith in prison guards (no offense)
  8. What you propose will never actually happen in this woke world. We're pretty much screwed.
  9. I don't really disagree with you, but perhaps you should calm down a little bit?
  10. Was alcohol involved in this flurry of posts?
  11. Good lord, now when I next report to work I need to be on the lookout for tiny monkeys with backpacks full of heroin. My coworkers are going to throw me in the loonie bin.
  12. You're asking if the Mexican Police employ monkeys? I know Police hiring standards are slipping, but not THAT much. Wait, that would mean the cartel employs monkeys? Damn...
  13. Too close for missiles, switching to guns....
  14. Meh, It is just a spider monkey. Smaller that an average house cat. People dress them up like little people.
  15. Seriously??? They are wearing face masks still?? I would think a wild bull would negate the point of a face mask. Sheesh....
  16. According to Fox News, the liberals are losing their minds over this ruling. It has zero direct effect on me, since I already live in a constitutional carry state. I could also already carry concealed in New York as it was. But, this ruling is a BIG WIN for the 2nd amendment and I love watching the other side cry.
  17. I have a dead 12v power plug in my van (cigarette lighter outlet). For the life of me, I can't seem to fix it. Obviously, the first thing I did was check all the fuses. If you ever figure out how to fix electrical issues, let me in on it. Apparently I suck at it.
  18. Take this with a grain of salt: The morning radio said the fisherman sold the fish at market value, which amounts to around 600 American dollars. Doesn't seem like much of a reward for breaking a world record, assuming there is any truth to that. But I guess if I lived in a total crap hole of a country, I would be absolutely thrilled with 600 bucks.
  19. Yeah, their family might get paid on their behalf. Meanwhile, the scooter rider is worm food.
  20. Here is the part that you won't read in the news: The mayor had a protection detail for the event. He had people assigned to protect him. The event organizers complained that the protection detail was intimidating, unneeded, and made them feel like criminals. The mayor obliged the complaints, due to politics, and sent his protection detail home. It wasn't long afterwards that he got assaulted. I can't stop laughing at that...
  21. I've explained to many people that fault doesn't matter if you die.
  22. It's been my experience that weed can make some people stupid. That's not really news to anyone, and there really isn't anything you can do about it. Oh well...
  23. His presumed Democrat replacement damn near got killed inside his campaign office. I was there. The nutcase thankfully had terrible aim.
  24. Oooh, I know so much the news isn't reporting. I'm waiting for further responses first. Dramatic delay...
  25. Louisville mayor punched in random retail store attack https://www.foxnews.com/us/louisville-mayor-punched-random-retail-store-attack
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