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  1. These are literally museum pieces. Old relics. It makes one wonder what is out there.
  2. Mythbusters did an entire episode on this concept. Dimples on a golf ball really does save gas. Of course, it's insane to implement, but fun
  3. If someone mistakes my pure breed Beagle dog for a common coyote, espicially considering that I keep them very close to me...Well, I would be extremely upset.
  4. Wait...my two little dogs are 27 pounds and 12 pounds. We spend a crapload of time hiking and generally outdoors. Should I be buying them orange vests?
  5. I guess you COULD use dynamite to drive up worms, probably not a good idea though. I see a very entertaining YouTube video in here somewhere....
  6. That is highly offensive. Essentially everything you say is offensive no matter what you say. Unless you want to give me money for free. I don't find that offensive. Hehe...
  7. The word "people" is hurtful towards an individual that identifies as a different species. For example, I am a three toed sloth. If you watch me run, you'd believe me.
  8. The general point of the humor is they wake up, relatively un injured, but covered with my stickers.I'm not particularly sadistic here....
  9. Okay, I did something that could be loosely described as "unproffesional", or even "immature". Last week I was working as a police officer at a massive, four day long, out door concert event. Let's picture woodstock, but modern day. My department gives me "future police officer" stickers. These are simple peal and stick stickers. These are intended for officers to hand out to small children. They resemble my actual police badge, but it is a simple sticker. Again, it looks like my police badge, but it is a sticker for small children to hopefully like the police. It's a sticker "badge". I have hundreds of them. So, as I delt with countless drunk people, most of which were friendly, I started putting stickers on all the drunk people. Anyone that was clearly blackout drunk, you got a police badge sticker slapped on your chest. If you were drunk to the point of forcing me to call EMS, yep, you got like six stickers from me. I'd like to think quite a few people woke up the next morning, with a hangover, and they were like WTF??????
  10. So just so we are clear on this...Walt Longmire is responsible for the longest lasting fire in human history. Meh, he was a juvenile attempting to shoot rats, we can let him off with a stern warning...
  11. Harry, from Harry and the Hendersons did not age well. My department is hiring. Seriously, we will take him, we are THAT desperate.
  12. She is a fat girl of a ship when you pull her out of the water. I guess that is the thickness of the armor, and probably other things I admitt I poorly understand.
  13. I'm trying to think of ways I can play this to my advantage. How many innocent things can I buy through a gun store? Hell, I'll figure out a way to purchase my groceries through the local gun store. They'll think I'm purchasing an arsenal when I'm just buying carrots or soup. I'll keep them busy for a while.
  14. There is a car on my beat...a very average car...that is essentially covered in finger paint. I'll see if I can get a picture tomorrow.
  15. I wish I was fighting fires at 16. I would be a better man for it.
  16. For now, you hope at least
  17. Pretty sure it was real. I had zero side effects. Lots of my coworkers were sick as dogs after the jab.
  18. I got a $5000 dollar bonus in exchange for agreeing to take the covid vaccine, as did all of my coworkers. Where did all that money come from? Yep, a federal grant. Federal money is a total cash cow. Spend it like there is no tomorrow. Your tax dollars...
  19. I couldn't agree more. The technology is obviously cool as hell, but using it in an actual combat situation??? Yeah, not so much... The enemy is going to shoot you out of the sky. You are slow and NOT slealthy, and you can't shoot back.
  20. She is getting hull work done. Great! Will that include fixing the crocked rudder as hull work?
  21. I always pictured the B-2 as a HEAVY bomber. I didn't realize it was so small compared to a tanker plane.
  22. I've been all over the Caribbean Islands, I'm not familiar with the term "ABC Islands". Is that Saint Martin (Marteen)? Saint Kitts? Sorry in advance for spelling.
  23. Having been on 7 cruises myself, I can tell you they don't worry about women and children first. There is room for everyone.
  24. Or....they're ALL nuts. possibly including myself I admit
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