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  1. When its prolonged, we understand but when sudden, we don't.
  2. Sudden is the worst. Learned that pretty young. We're all dying otherwise.
  3. Cocaine is a helluva drug.
  4. Tough ****. You got what you wanted. An additional 20 feet of sea level rise is in order.
  5. Look at these guys, they're a buncha *******. Say it with me now....
  6. Finding a bunch of tarantulas in a foxhole sucks ass too. Sand Hill in summer, Wood in the fall, they get around. Bastards.
  7. Shooting down a plane with that hand cannon would be quite the accomplishment. And if they clone her, at least guys with a bunch of DUIs, no ride, and no money can finally get laid.
  8. No, the Welsh. Only they have words with 8 consecutive consonants.
  9. We all voted Schmitt. **** Roy Blunt. Eric, let's roll a blunt.
  10. One plane they can shoot down.
  11. A symbol of slavery if there ever was one.
  12. I'd donate a coat hanger. Could have been fun.
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