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  1. I lived in Arkansas. I knew a couple former Walmart executives. They left because they were privy to the big picture. Walmart wants to run EVERYTHING! The plan took a majority hit in the 90s when they were denied becoming a bank. They wanted people to be able to deposit their paychecks to the Walmart bank and just use Walmart accounts to pay bills and do all their shopping. The real plan was to get all the welfare checks deposited to Walmart and make everyone dependent on them for payment of bills, food, medicine, optometry, dental, medical. As they ran every other retailer out of business.
  2. Clinton gutter the warriors from the officer corps. It has been progressively degraded from there.
  3. I worked a trap tournament today. 240 competitors. Corporate thing. My job was as an RSO and keep the houses filled between squads. Mostly experienced shooters but a few newbie’s as well. Saw some fun stuff. One girl dropped a shell and basically kicked it around in a circle as she bent over trying to pick it up. Action closed. Finger on the trigger. Gun parallel to the ground. Just spinning in a circle trying to pick up the shell she kept kicking. Sweeping everybody.
  4. But on the other hand, girls start wearing longer skirts. So, 6 months of that.
  5. Same here. I never want to need it. Sadly some tow truck drivers refuse to use them. If you need a tow to a shop they will insist on hooking to the suspension to drag you onto the flatbed.
  6. I’ve been contacted by two law firms wanting to represent me. I was never there. Correct time frame but I was west coast. Disgusting vultures.
  7. At the range today. BIG Wolf Spider. Good bug eater.
  8. Pretty good shot but the first arrow was a blunt.
  9. I went on a deprivation hunt about 1983. Sheep and lambs were being slaughtered. Almost all the lambs were gone. A few calf’s as well. Devastating for the ranchers. We thought it was coyotes. Turned out to be wild dogs. Mostly secondary generations of dogs thrown out into the Utah desert. Most were sick including rabies and had been starving. After killing enough lambs to eat well, they just went on a killing spree for fun. They had started out as pets but after a couple generations if inbreeding they started to look like those generic street dogs you see from Cairo to Hanoi. Yellow, flat hair, curled tail, 30-40 pounds. It was sickening. We killed every one we could. The rest were killed with poison bait. The state put them in a pit and burned them. Then covered it with dirt. We all wished we could have found the original owners who dumped them. You don’t dump a house dog in the western desert and expect it will be just fine hunting down jack rabbits. Cruel bastards needed hurting.
  10. In other news. Online sales of surpluses gun cases spike 12,000%.
  11. Hope you meant fish not driving up worms.
  12. High School Trap teams are growing fast. Especially popular with girls. This compact Winchester is the favorite gun for new trap shooters.
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