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  1. Self Solving Problem.
  2. Nope I was wrong. MONKEYPOX. Yup. It’s a thing and it’s here. The hype has started.
  3. I am dealing with a woman who is trying to stop her granddaughters wedding. The fiancé lost some fingers in a car crash as a little kid. The woman doesn’t want them to get married because she doesn’t want grandkids without fingers.
  4. They played the long game. And played it well. To the point that those who recognize what happened sound like nut jobs to everyone else.
  5. It originally ended up abandoned in New Jersey because it was too long to make turns on city streets and highway interchanges. It can just go forward and reverse on straight side roads. Besides “rusting away in New Jersey” sounds like a net gain for the state.
  6. Juicy sex scandal. Like married republicans sleeping with their own spouse. The left thinks that’s deviant behavior.
  7. Sort of like when they try to sell Me flood insurance. I live on a ridge deposited by lake Bonneville. Last underwater 18,000 years ago. To flood again the Columbia River Gorge needs to get blocked up and it needs to rain for about 500 years. Now this ridge is like living on a billion ball bearings because it is just rocks dumped here from glaciers and the lake currents formed the ridge. If we have a major earthquake I’m screwed. The ridge will liquify and I’ll slide about 200 yards north. Funny how they want to sell me flood insurance but won’t sell me earthquake insurance.
  8. Oh great. Transgender fish. They switch at 3 years old.
  9. Close to Moab, Utah. Beautiful country but I love how it is listed as Riverfront property. Water is so scarce here they say a man can be shot for walking toward a river with an empty bucket.
  10. I’ve done done nasty ones but Bloody Hell!
  11. For sale. 650 acres of riverfront property. In the desert. Pretty but that muddy little stream is a river here.
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