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    I thought it was cool that she'd guard my recent ammo shipment. Turns out she just wants me to take the ammo out so she could sit in the box.
  2. I used to work in the in the service industry. After you served the table/bar customer we'd show up a few minutes after they were served and ask " How is everything; Is there anything else I can get for you?" Now they walk up and simply say..."How's everything tasting?" Just laziness. Or when you pay your bill of $22.00 with a $50 bill and they ask you if you need change. Just laziness.
  3. I just read about that yesterday. The people who insert the needles are health care workers. It's protocol to sterilize the injection site.
  4. Gives a new meaning to "highchair."
  5. A wise man once told me, nothing ever good happens under a car after midnight. Well I just made that up; but I might quote it.
  6. Does anyone have one? I bought one a few months ago. Best pocket carry gun I've owned. The G42 has been in the safe ever since. If you have the Max, what's your opinion? Thanks.
  7. Looks like they gave Will a Jada statue to calm him down.
  8. Still off them. Over 5 months at this point. I've had a few dreams I was smoking and am happy when I wake up it was just a dream. Thanks for checking in.
  9. I'm guessing his sales numbers took a dive.
  10. That fellow had a "Bad Year".
  11. I had this reaction to the Halftime show...
  12. Doing well. Tuesday will be three months off the cigs.
  13. My daughter turned 11 on 11/11/11.
  14. Keep it simple. There are a ton of websites that have templates for every industry. This is an example. Make your card leads them to your website. Don't have photos on the card. The detail just are not there.
  15. My 21 year old daughter works at a company that provides dog daycare and overnight boarding. It happens a friend of mine uses their services as he and his girlfriend travel a bit. They have two dogs. They live less that a mile away from where my daughter lives. They are interested in having my daughter stay at their house and taking care of their dogs. What would you pay for that service per day?
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