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  1. Sgt. Joe Friday ( and His Partner Bill Gannon ) Always Reminds me of My Uncle Dan`s Partner.
  2. Probably the Best First Social Media Suicide Ever.
  3. Don`t Smuggle Dope into Russia, Problem Solved. but Apparently Lesson Not Learned.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  5. how i`d design my bathroom if i owned a tea house.
  6. that's how i`d design the way to my guest bedroom if was wealthy...
  7. if the Customer Agreed to pay Disposals, The Chips Belong to The Shop.
  8. I would Vote for Desantis, i am not joining in the fake one Vs. the other argument DeSantis did great on Tues and deserves his Victory, But. he owes his Position to Trump and he knows it. he also knows what happens to Political Careers that Oppose Trump. The Media can Downplay Trumps Victories in his Choices of 200+ Candidates he endorsed getting Elected. but Trump is Carrying The Party, he is Changing it and Forcing it to Evolve and Forcing D.C. to Recognize things are changing, that is why D.C. Hates Trump, he has Proved he is Working for You. President Trump will be The Republican Nominee is 24. and DeSantis will Support him, I like DeSantis hes a Great V.P. Choice but Trump wont need him to carry Florida. The Media is Lying to you, Tuesday may not have been The Red Wave the Same Media Predicted would happen, but it was a very good day for Trumpublicans and A Very Bad day for Establishment Swamp Creatures. Trump will run as an Outsider and a Proven Reformer in `24.
  9. normally i`d say something like "Southern Man frightens Child and Guardian in the Woods" But. "The screaming kept getting louder and louder, and that didn't sit right with us. My first instinct was to grab my gun and go get that kid out the woods," Willis said. (WGXA) that Brothers got some damn Good Instincts, i Owe him a Beer.
  10. House always smells like Fresh cooked Bacon, theres No Bacon in the house..
  11. God Bless them. Terrible thing to see. Condolences to the Departed`s Families.
  12. Aim for the Heart or you`ll never stop me...
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