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  1. Thank You President Trump! And Everyone of us Who Elected him, Twice!
  2. Think Historian and Lil Historian had some Family Events planned. IIRC Swampfox had some Medicals coming up.
  3. He does have issues, Sobriety... He Really likes being High.
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Supreme Court Of The United States just Made it Law That The Second Amendment Guarantees The Right, To Carry a Firearm In Public. it is also Implying that "Proper Cause" for any Firearm including "Assault Weapons" is now Unconstitutional. between Heller, MacDonald and now this We are looking pretty Good.
  5. I Think he may Have Settled, he Could have done Better..
  6. Thanks. i had a 101 Years and always liked it, can`t recall why i sold it but i do recall the Trigger being a Learning curve.
  7. i got a buddy we Grew up together, we both hit 50 this Year and got to talking. he has been Smoking Dope since we were both 12, Granted he was never that Swift, but Jesus i had to remind him of what we were talking about 4 times and he`d keep starting over. Oddly Enough he lives near Harvard so Coincidence i Think Not. Were still Friends after all these Years but he is a Burn out and he knows it.
  8. Hope Both are doing well and come back soon.
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