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  1. That is the same woman. and a commentary on the pop culture shows we get today. the first photo is circa 1996 or so and the the second one is recent years after years of steroid abuse.
  2. https://americanliberty.news/arms/your-good-news-story-of-the-day-david-hogg-says-he-doesnt-intend-to-reproduce/dreeder/2022/09/ I think the type of sex he is into does not lead to reproduction.
  3. Pulled the offending injectors and the O rings looked fine. Put them back in and started reassembly. One of the intake manifold bolts sounded like it hit the pavement but is nowhere to be found so I am going to get a new bolt at oreillys. I am beginning to hate this car.
  4. The whole movie is on youtube and you get to see her boobs.
  5. Sort of got it running, but it still has a vacuum leak. Thought it was the intake plenum because when I sprayed there it affected the idle. So I ordered an intake plenum gasket. It was the #3 and #4 injectors leaking. Further spray testing determined those 2 were the culprits after I replaced the gasket. So I just finished working on the semi hot motor to get the intake manifold off so I can check those injectors.
  6. This is like a lot of the ones you post, it has some cool lines and yes some wtf lines. The side view or even the back view look kinda cool. The front view makes me think Italian Hudson.
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/jeopardy-champ-amy-schneider-genevieve-davis-announce-secretly-married-may
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