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  1. https://www.ky3.com/2022/06/27/explorers-find-wwii-navy-destroyer-deepest-wreck-discovered/
  2. Yeah but it sounds like something he would say.
  3. More social, but it shows an element of our society that has to some extent gotten worse
  4. Sounds like he wanted to be an ear tickler. Remember what Jesus said: I am sorry you are having to go through this. But unfortunately we live in a broken, fallen world filled with fallen people. I don't have any answers in the meantime, but I do believe this world is getting closer to the end than the beginning.
  5. Past behavior is usually a good indicator of future behavior. We should have expanded timely executions. If we have reason to believe they are still a threat they should not be let out.
  6. That is where the timely execution thing comes in. But no we should not be letting people out who are a danger to others.
  7. The only constitutional law she broke was felon in possession. And even there I have a quibble. Why do we let them out if we do not trust them with their rights? I think we should either keep them locked up(or in many cases execute them in a timely manner) or let them be free citizens. If we don't trust them out in society they should not be released.
  8. Epstein was just one supplier. I am sure there are other similar people with other similar blackmail materials.
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