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  1. No one cared they got in wrong the first 3 takes.
  2. Jumper cables on mom might have had a part in some people being born, ya know. A, uh, terminal existance if you will.
  3. Wanna ride the lightning, punk?
  4. Give us your data dump. Nobody cares about the carrier. Only the content.
  5. Bad idea. If they do, the left will simply focus on everything Trump says, instead of anything else. The admins bullshit needs to be center stage. Trump should just let them cut their own throats and lay low. He does not need to be on Twatter to win.
  6. Cuba. Life sentence at Gitmo is appropriate for people ******* with our ranchers.
  7. Interesting. A cut down 6.5 Creed that accepts .338 pills. Sub and supers to be available with a 1:3 twist barrel. AR-10 and Rem 700 available soon. https://gunmagwarehouse.com/blog/faxon-firearms-new-8-6-blk-barrels/
  8. Already has Starlink operational in Ukraine, with more hardware on the way. Not much more effort than altering the orbits of scores of satellites, and airlifting ****. This man is personally capable of things than bog down every government.
  9. Fauci? In a proper fire, he's only 160 pounds of fuel. Half a tank of gas.
  10. My oldest debunked Santa on her own by proudly proclaiming you can't build a huge ass factory in the middle of the ocean.
  11. The only legit victims will be due to sea level rise, and since NOTHING can stop it, all them folks have fair warning. Building cities in flood zones, and packing them with undesirables has been a thing for centuries.
  12. Once those genies get out of the bottle, we're all fooked laddie.
  13. Don't go driving around truck stops. Hate to see what you do to lizards!
  14. We knew this **** when Spanish flu was raging over 100 years ago.
  15. I'm still perfecting my 12g quad load technique. My middle finger is wore out. Should have joined the Trap team when I had the chance.
  16. SBR ammunition makes a 350gr .458 tracer.... Jus' sayin'. Blowing up cars with granddad's .45-70 ain't off the table.
  17. Those guys had 50 shot revolvers. Don't **** with them!
  18. Hope this helps. Top shows the mounting block, barely fits.
  19. When you plug in how many are getting screwed, every modern banana republic is lining up to invest. Another Biden fuckup. Rebranding Trump's idea of running America like a business.
  20. I hear it's good this year. I remember 2 bedroom apartments fuuul of Mexicans cashing out and paying a years worth of bills in one shot, and busting ass all year. Much of the money being expatriated. Skankorage, 1985.
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