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  1. The complaint is, that we're just about forced to listen to it because it keeps popping up everywhere. For example, people will post multiple youtube links in a thread that started out by clearly stating "WGaS" about it because we DON'T want to hear about it.
  2. That one pretty much wins. Really, WGaS about it?
  3. a lot of them use "self tapping screws" that half the time take more force to install than the bolt is good for and they shear off.
  4. here the trike endorsement is required in addition to the motorcycle one.
  5. Reminds me of something in a Louis L'Amour book. been a long time so I might have some of the details wrong. There was a short guy that was kind of belligerent, ended up picking a fight with a tall guy. So they decide to have a duel. As the challenged party, the tall guy gets to pick the weapons. He chose sledgehammers in 6 feet of water.
  6. I guess that makes me a Young'un.
  7. real book = Yes Children's book = NO Just one of the books by this author. Others include: Spanky the monkey lends a hand Put Tony's Nuts in your Mouth Come Swing With Us Jiggle Wiggle TicklePickle Suzy Likes to Look at Balls Brenda's Beaver Plays a Round Lucy Licktalotopus Goes Down South Peter Pitched a Tent Who Will Help Jack Off the Horse? https://www.google.com/search?sa=X&q=bimisi+tayanita&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgVuLVT9c3NEw2LTYtKjOofMRowS3w8sc9YSn9SWtOXmPU5OIKzsgvd80rySypFJLmYoOyBKX4uVB18ixi5U_KzM0szlQoSaxMzMssSQQAXc3moV4AAAA&ved=2ahUKEwjrrPHEu-L3AhVuJ0QIHUkcAyEQ1i96BAgDEAo&biw=1361&bih=1134&dpr=1.25#wptab=s:H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgVuLVT9c3NEw2LTYtKjOofMRowS3w8sc9YSn9SWtOXmPU5OIKzsgvd80rySypFJLmYoOyBKX4uVB18uxiUktJTUsszSmJL0lMsspOttJPys_P1k8sLcnIL7ICsYsV8vNyKhexKkA45UWZJSWpeQpJlQpJmbmZxZkKJYmViXmZJYkADmbaK5gAAAA
  8. only problem with tillers on tractors is they tend to leave a big divot when you get to the end. Typically not counter-rotating tines, so as they spin they toss the dirt behind where you are working. At the end of the row you lift it out and just a rut. Other than that it's great for tilling large areas. Small areas not so much
  9. We've had a 30hp L3000DT Kubota with bucket on front for a long time. Makes life much easier. Recently borrowed a 23hp B series with a backhoe for a narrower digging job. Made digging straight down MUCH easier than using the regular bucket. We'd love to have a backhoe for our tractor, but they stopped making them years ago as models changed over time. I'm sure we could get one and have someone adapt it to work with our tractor, but since now we have the one we can borrow when we need it (not that often it's really NEEDED vs just much nicer to have). 3 point implements are pretty universal, but bucket loaders, backhoes, and some other things aren't, so consider everything that bolts to the tractor that you might need in the future as part of your purchase right now, as it might not be available anymore when you decide it would be nice to have. Our tractor has a set of forklift forks that can attach to the bucket at the outside edges (the local mill where my dad worked got rid of the forklift but still had spare forks for it, so they let him have them). Too wide for picking up pallets (at the outer ends of a 5 foot wide bucket) but great for lifting small logs and hauling lumber or firewood around. (and by small logs I mean 12 foot long 18 inch diameter, though I've managed logs over 2' through if they were dry and a little shorter)
  10. definitely tastes better than spotted owl.
  11. It was the downspouts in the driver's field of view that got my attention.
  12. So what they are saying is that 75% of the charging stations have yet to be damaged/looted/disabled. Just give it some more time.
  13. They got a ticket for failing to secure the load with safety chains. That and the rental company wanted the truck impounded because the rental had ended a while ago and the renter hadn't returned it. https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/eastern-washington-police-officer-witnesses-unique-way-tow-car/QS4HY6NQKVCQZNPSUIAM6XC3ZY/?utm_campaign=trueanthem&utm_medium=trueanthem&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR2azKn7JfcRZ_x_pdcZwnHCrVHInPhCbI0pwgMdIhG3BlG3q4Vjn4clCfA
  14. the saying holds true, "ignorance is bliss"
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