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  1. rear wheel digs in when spinning forward, front tire digs in when front brake is applied.
  2. not if the judge was nice enough to make everything deferred, then you conveniently joined the military and left the country during the deferment time period...
  3. sounds less like a scam since they are willing to go through an FFL after payment. Of course, I'd wait until payment has definitely cleared
  4. No problems with eating named cows around here. I think I still have a couple packages of ground beef my uncle gave me from their bull Romeo they slaughtered a couple years ago. gotta replace the herd bull every couple years to keep from inbreeding.
  5. There is no way I'd join the military with what the yahoos in charge have been doing to it. Who really wants to work for a commander in chief that can't ride a bike or climb a flight of stairs?
  6. When I was younger I used to speed a lot. (worst ticket was over 100mph over the speed limit...) After 4 years in the military overseas I kind of calmed down. When I got home I barely drove the speed limit. I still rarely drive more than 1 or 2 mph over the speed limit. My thoughts are the minute or two of time that I save by driving faster doesn't justify the additional risk to myself or others. I mean seriously, how much time and money did the above accident cost everyone involved? Just to try to get someplace 10 seconds faster?
  7. during some vehicle recovery training, one thing that was mentioned was before you break out all the equipment and start pulling on stuff, you should sit down and have a nice cup of tea. The thought is, when the vehicle gets stuck, or when you first get there to help, you're usually jacked up on adrenaline. Stopping everything to have a cup of tea gives you time to relax, de-stress, and carefully consider all aspects of the situation, not just what the first thing that comes to mind might be, as making stupid mistakes is much easier if you're in a hurry and on an adrenaline high. can be applied to pretty much any stressful situation.
  8. And if they did somehow get everything they wanted, they'd be the first lined up against the wall to be shot.
  9. That's the chassis that the largest SUV in the world was built on. https://supercarblondie.com/cars/dhabiyan-worlds-biggest-suv-10-wheels-10m-long-rainbow-sheikh/
  10. All the posts everywhere about a "Threat to our democracy"... Why would I care about your democracy being threatened? Personally I live in what's supposed to be a Republic, and THAT's what I'm worried about, because your so called democracy is killing my Republic.
  11. didn't it used to be conservatives were blue and liberals were red a long time ago, but the liberals didn't want to be obviously associated with red communism so convinced the media or whoever to switch the colors?
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