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  1. I had an air conditioner like that. Great until about 50 mph then it just sprayed water inside.
  2. This hurts. I get to work with celebrities on occasion. He was one of the most remarkable people I ever met. I spent an afternoon talking with him about not just his music but music in general. We spoke on the last 300 years of western music and the problems in the music industry today. He was one of about 5 celebrities I can truly think of as a bit of a friend. There are a couple who when we meet will come up to me to ask how I’ve been. He was a guy like that. His health was getting poor and I know he was in a lot of pain from old injuries and problems. Rest In Peace my friend.
  3. A friend is with the USGS Seismic Station at the U of U. Scientists all over the earth are going nuts with the new data they collected from this eruption. Something about how sharp the blast was.
  4. I was my Marine rifle company NBC training NCO. In about 1985 we war gamed this ****. Did it first with the map from the board game Risk. Then with a large world map. Our predictions were pretty good but the death toll was higher at this point. Biggest difference? We predicted an initiation point in an African bushmeat market instead of a Chinese wet market. We also predicted a modified virus getting into the animal population and then into the market. We also predicted it would be sexually transmitted as well as airborne. So at least we got that wrong. We were spot on with our prediction of a “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste” response by our own government.
  5. China can restrict athletes from entering the country based on health tests. Not just Covid 19 and it’s variants. The Chinese state can remove athletes from the games based on ongoing testing. The Chinese state is doing the testing and does not answer to answer any other testing body if they chose not to. I predict Chinese athletes sweep events after other athletes are remaining for failing health tests. Russia did it with state sponsored doping and the accompanying cover up. I think the Chinese could do it by eliminate competitors.
  6. Tilapia eat hippopotamus poop. I don’t eat tilapia.
  7. An animal eating plants and growing meat is far different from taking plant byproducts, chemically altering them and calling the resulting meat. This fake meat is not healthy. My doctor is warning his patients not to eat it. Eat a balanced diet with a little meat is best. Vegetarian if you really think you must. Eat beans, soy etc for protein if you don’t want meat. But don’t eat this altered crap. BTW I like your humor.
  8. Went to the opera tonight. Saw a modern Avant-garde opera called Flight. About travelers stranded in an out of the way airport. It was strange. A bunch of people left after the first act. But even with bleeding ears I was going to see it through. At the end of the second act there was a mass exodus. Cowards! Sometimes art requires pain. Even if that is the audience.
  9. We miscreants have stuck together through it all. Seriously kept the faith.
  10. And usually reconstituted from powder. But so good if you can get it fresh. Sadly the only place around here that did that is long gone.
  11. More free **** that’s going to cost us a fortune.
  12. It was gone by midnight. They know I will retaliate. We just can’t grow up.
  13. They assure me it will be gone by midnight. But they love me. Probably righteous payback for other things. When one of them got married we didn’t decorate his truck. We painted it during the reception. Neon orange. No rattle cans. Real paint guns. This crap started back in 1976.
  14. Sucks how that works. Idiot screws up. Everyone else pays for it. Idiot gets promoted by other idiots like him. All about playing politics.
  15. Fry the idiot. We had a fire at Camp Williams called the Machine Gun fire. Guess how it started. 5000 acres burned. 16,000 evacuated. Homes, outbuildings, fences and cars burned. All off base. Not counting damage on base. During an extreme fire danger warning (Red Flag on base). 12% humidity. High winds. Some overly Gung Ho National Guard commander wasn’t going to let a little thing like a Red Flag alert stop him from seeing his boys shoot up the sagebrush. They should have roasted him in his own mess.
  16. Went to lunch with friends. Went to the restroom. Left phone on the table. Unlocked. I’m now on a dating site. For the bondage-kink community. And I can’t login to delete the account. All I can say is nuking a good portion of the population is a real good idea.
  17. Cut the guy some slack. Playing for Cleveland is punishment enough.
  18. They no longer have the balls to speak the truth. Might offend someone. Can’t have that. Murder on their watch is okay but hurt someone’s feelings? Never.
  19. The characters in the Sex in the City reboot are the same age as The Golden Girl were when it premiered.
  20. No one ever goes to Denny’s. They wind up at Denny’s.
  21. All they need for Olympic events is cold air and a snow maker. Just a big fan and a sprayer. Sucks for recreational skiing compared to to natural snow but good for competition.
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