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  1. First world problems.... I trimmed all my fingernails, then couldn't open the charging port cover on my cell phone. Had to use the little hook thingy on the end of the file on the clippers.
  2. What the hell is wrong with you? What did the Russian tanks do to deserve being insulted like this?
  3. Suicide watch... They are going to watch her to make sure she commits suicide?
  4. My mother is a retired teacher, and pretty strongly a Democrat. Usually we don't discuss any politics, because we don't agree on many of them As it turns out, this is one we agree with. It's not the job of the Federal Government to meddle in anything other than what they are supposed to, and this ain't one of those things.
  5. no, I'd say that's a pretty accurate representation on how a lot of education works these days.
  6. isn't the Secret Service a part of the IRS?
  7. Which is amusing, when you consider the Hummer H1 he's driving in the picture is an automatic transmission.
  8. Gen 4 G20 My wife (now ex wife) wanted to go to Vegas on a girls trip. So I bought a gun. been carrying it every day ever since, so that's about 7 or 8 years now I think. Only has a couple thousand rounds through it at most; I haven't really kept track.
  9. that battery looks more like there was something hot on top of it, rather than an issue with the battery itself.
  10. 12 pack is 3x4, 15 is 3x5. The longer 2x6 soda packages are a relatively new idea
  11. 1) foreign or domestic? 2) all of them. Chainsaws won't engage the centrifugal clutch at those RPMs 3)depends, what kinds of dogs? 4)do they have to be on the ground or can you stack them? Also, are they american made cars, or can you toss in a few foreign ones? 5)None if they manage to get out of his way. 6)depends on your definition of "singer" but 100%
  12. Cougar_ml

    POINTS ?

    So let them track everything you do in their store, so they can make money off of it with targeted ads and whatnot, in exchange for a few pennies when you fill up your fuel tank...
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