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  1. This photo made me google Amelia Earhardt. Looks like there's plenty of evidence regarding what actually happened to her and her navigator. And, as one would guess, she liked the ladies.
  2. Got any info on this picture? Battleships and their history are my jam.
  3. Le Mans France after being liberated in 1944;
  4. Supposedly 1900s NYC;
  5. Seems pretty. No snow though. Hopefully when you make the trip there will be plenty of snow.
  6. I remember those in airports.
  7. If they stopped screaming and yelling and acting like scared little girls, the video would be interesting.
  8. I couldn't quit until after I had quit drinking. Since the two go hand-in-hand, ya kinda gotta do both.
  9. This can't be true. No way. Can anyone look at S&W feed to double check? I don't to the Twitterverse thing.
  10. The version of the video the defense got is massively lower definition, cropped, has a different file name, and was created 21 minutes later than the version the prosecution has. And the prosecution is trying to say they have no idea how that happened, and that video compression caused the issue, and that the video compression issue happened during the Defense's reception of the video. Which isn't how it works....at all. This is some major mistrial stuff right here. The Judge basically ignoring it and hoping it doesn't become an issue during deliberations (that the Jury doesn't ask to see the video) is pretty lame.
  11. M&P15T

    The New Z06

    My guess is that the reason for not replacing the ECU with a stand-alone unit, is that there's a ton more electro-digical stuff integrated into the OEM ECU. New cars have tremendous numbers of BCMs (body control modules) and other little computers tucked away here and there, throughout the car, controlling and monitoring different stuff. All communicating with the ECU. I have no doubt that a C8 would become completely un-drivable without the factory ECU, even if a stand-alone ECU could run the engine. And they're not programmable or hackable as I have read/heard.
  12. M&P15T

    The New Z06

    Texas Speed? Texas Speed does many engine builds for a few YT channels. Including Cleetus.
  13. I do not understand this picture. -No toddler walks around with a rolled-up news-paper behind her back like she's a pissed-off banker distraught at the daily news. -What the hell is the dog staring at? Is that a cleat on a wooden dock? -What the hell is the girl looking at?? Is that a wall of books? On a dock?
  14. M&P15T

    The New Z06

    Good Christ, whatta drama queen!!!! I bow to your superior C.M. knowledge....you even know all their names!!!! Wipe the brown stuff off your nose son, C.M. musta' stopped suddenly while walking.
  15. M&P15T

    The New Z06

    I used to sub to his channel, but he goes through "friends" like water. His best buddy he's building cars with one week, is replaced the next. He's also on his 2nd or 3rd girl. I think he should have stuck with the people that helped him build his channel, rather than kicking them to the curb.
  16. If you really believe masks work/help......well.....I can't help ya, and we're not gonna' agree.
  17. It was rehearsal. She was probably checking the camera angle, lighting, etc. from what would be the camera's filming spot/angle. She was doing her job. And AB was doing his job acting out the scene with 100% accuracy, including cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger. Is any of this difficult to understand?
  18. You're being deliberately obtuse. You've seen many, many scenes in movies and TV from a 1st person perspective where the gun is pointed directly at YOU the viewer. Any moron can understand that creating such a shot meant that the camera, camera operator, and in this case (since this was rehearsing the scene) the cinematographer had the gun pointed at them, and the trigger was pulled.
  19. This is fear. You fear that which you don't understand. And what you don't understand is that daily interactions with dirty ****-takers that don't wash their hands, cashiers and baggers coughing and touching your food.......this and much, much worse has happened all your life. You've exposed yourself all your life to what you call dirty and disgusting things, which are actually all completely and utterly normal things to be exposed to. And those are the very things that keep your immune system alert, healthy and functioning. Masks do nothing other than promote bacterial pneumonia. Hand sanitizers kill both the bad and the good bacteria on your hands, leaving you at considerably higher risk for catching some sickness from the bad bacteria, since the good bacteria aren't there to destroy the bad bacteria.
  20. Sigh..... All I'm reading, over and over and over and over and over and over again in this thread, is the rules of gun safety weren't followed. Your (and others here) lifetime of firearms safety training and experience means absolutely nothing on a film set. And until you firmly, mentally grasp that, you're lost in the discussion. And in fact your lifetime of firearms training and experience (and seething hatred for A.B.) are specifically stopping you from properly understanding what happened on that film set. Those rules specifically do not apply. At all. Not one bit. They simply do not exist. If you need a graphic representation of this, watch any John Wick movie. On film sets actors and actresses routinely point very real, very deadly weapons at each other, and repeatedly pull the trigger. They also point them directly at cameras and their operators, and deliberately and repeatedly pull the trigger. This is normal and standard practice, and shows that everything "gun people" think and follow about gun safety does not apply on a film set. Also there seems to be confusion as the the word "prop", as in "prop gun". "Prop" does not mean fake. It means it's the "property" of the production company. Most "prop" guns are 100% real, genuine firearms, and the only difference is the ammunition used in them, which are blanks. For insight into this, you can reference the YT channel "Forgotten Weapons" hosted by Ian McCullum. He looks at many interesting firearms, owned by (and filmed at) companies that supply/provide weapons to movie and TV production companies, and the firearms are 100% real and functioning. And once all of the above is completely and thoroughly understood and comprehended, it will dawn on most folks that the number of people accidently killed on film sets with firearms is remarkably low. Astonishingly low in fact. Which does go to show that on most sets, there are real (if different) safety protocols being followed.
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