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    • Went to the opera tonight. Saw a modern Avant-garde opera called Flight. About travelers stranded in an out of the way airport. It was strange.    A bunch of people left after the first act. But even with bleeding ears I was going to see it through. At the end of the second act there was a mass exodus. Cowards! Sometimes are requires pain. Even if that is the audience. 
    • Thanks, already had seen the 2nd link and read it a couple time plus a few other sites.  Been taking Black Oil for a few days since it can seem to do no harm.  Early on got a good supply Ivermectin and HCQ since it takes time to obtain.  Saving it in case someone in family come down.  Adult family member came down a while back and gave them a packet of Ivermectin, in a few days they were back on their feet, the 2nd day they were feeling remarkably better.
    • Judging and listening to their bad intentions and acting on them is totally different. Yea, we all judge to a point, but it is two different things. Mrs. C's list is more a criteria of can we be friends than just about anything else. 
    • We miscreants have stuck together through it all. Seriously kept the faith.
    • Now, did you get pictures of him in the uniform? Or dressed as “baby jane”? The search engines show all kinds of publicity pictures, all as “flattering” as that freak gets. But nothing ridiculous like him dressed up like “baby jane”.
    • I wouldn't mind getting the hookup. Woke up with CHYNA virus this morning. I say nuke the sorry bastards. Second time around. All but my son have had it in 2 months.
    • A FAR, FAR better reason not to vote than "I don't judge other people" lol
    • Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers
    • Wife and I have been taking it for about the last 6-8 months along with following the FL Dr's  Protocol  Here are a couple of links for information.   https://covid19criticalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/FLCCC-Alliance-I-MASKplus-Protocol-ENGLISH.pdf  https://www.thethinkingconservative.com/black-seed-oil-evaluated-for-covid-19/
    • Anybody that says they don't judge is a lying liar that lies.  Lots.  EVERYONE judges.  They just judge using different criteria.  My criteria include stuff like 1) Are you an idiot that votes for demented politicians who have never held a real job that built anything in their entire lives?  Do you vote for laughing hyenas with the morals of alley cats because they are identify as BIPoC women when it is convenient for them to do so?  2) Are the first words out of your mouth when you hear I homeschool(ed) my kids "But what about socialization?"  3) Do you know how many clicks to adjust a 1/4"@100yd scope when your POI is 13.5" left and 3.75" high at 425 yards?  4) Can you process a deer?   5) Do you go around telling people Jesus changed water into Welch's grape juice instead of wine?  6) Do you love Swedish metal more than rap?   Everyone judges.  Some people just like to claim they don't because they think it makes them morally superior to the rest of us.  It doesn't. It makes them less likely to survive than the rest of us.  Claiming you don't judge, if in fact you really don't, means that when someone gives you the heebie jeebies, you still let them into your life and your house, and give them access to  your kids.  It means when someone with an axe and a crazy look on their face is leaning up against your car in the parking lot when you come out of the store with your bags of groceries... and you still walk up to your car with your arms full like nothing is wrong.  It means you don't ever vote for a person running for anything because you don't judge who would be the least evil to be elected.  So... anyone who claims they don't judge is a hypocrite if they vote.  I am so going to use that last bit on the next person that tells me they don't judge...  
    • The link is worth reading to bring back the forgotten. https://capitolweekly.net/black-panthers-armed-capitol/
    • Only a true friend would do that. Sounds like the folks I hang out with, all both of them.
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