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    • Y'all keep posting the fancy stuff, so I gotta even it out for the rest of us...    
    • CNN or MSNBC? I am surprised that they didn't contract with the DNC to have Karine Jean-Pierre deliver their lies, each one beginning with, Let me make it clear.  I suggest that Iran does not have a professional military, they have legions of fanatic thugs wearing similar clothes and equipment purchased from Russia with US dollars that they don't know how to use. The reports that Israeli missiles struck their target, despite Iran's claim to have the latest and greatest Russian impenetrable air defenses, tells me that they don't and it isn't. Israel has a professional military. Few if any Iranian missiles made it past Israeli air defenses. Iran has only a limited coastal  Navy. Iran has virtually no Air Force. Both can be totally eliminated in 24 hours if they continue to **** with the Israelis. So, there.
    • I have tried to explain the DoD procurement process  a few times and why toilet seats on Air Force cargo aircraft cost $5000.00 -- and a bag of washers cost $90.000.00. As I have mentioned, the unit cost of an F/A-18E, F or G or an AV-8B or an AH-1D had little to do with the actual production cost: direct material, direct labor, fixed costs. As I have also mentioned, and those that never experienced it will think that janice and I exaggerate, but everything, I mean everything is written down in a Statement of Work (a general description and gross figures for a project,) usually overseen by an O-7 ( 1 star) at least and depending on the size of the project, an O-8 or O-9,  accompanied by a bazillion lesser contracts for everything, down to toilet seats and bags of bushings, all negotiated over months and months of endless, useless meetings with endless useless lawyers for both sides. So, was the price of a bag of washers negotiated? Hell, no. That makes too much sense and doesn't involve 200 lawyers. As janice noted, we not only had to deliver an aircraft, but test equipment,  test jigs, maintenance tools, maintenance supplies, technical documents, training of military personnel, technical support for delivered aircraft, etc. Keep in mind, much of those deliverables were by subcontractors -- who often negotiated their own deal with the company that had to be negotiated and approved by the customer - another 100 lawyers.   So, the true cost of anything is irrelevant; deliverables are costed based on some magic formula that no one understands, thus the bag of bushings, times how ever many bags of bushings the contract calls for over the life of the aircraft, that might cost $10.00 in the real world is costed as a percent of the total deliverable package over time, sans the actual aircraft, and if that comes up to $90.000.00, the government is happy, the company is happy, congress critters and bureaucrats are happy, so there are no complaints.   I apologize, but I can't really explain it in simple terms; the process defies sanity. Don't ask about foreign sales. Just don't.
    • "Fox News Digital has confirmed there have been explosions in Isfahan province where Natanz is located though it is not clear whether it has been hit. Natanz is the site of one of Iran's nuclear facilities, though state television has described all sites in the area as "fully safe." "  
    • Israel just launched multiple strikes against targets in Iran, Iraq and Syria. This just happened, so there isn't much info out there yet. I'll bet that most of Israel's punches landed though.
    • Never let them see you sweat!
    • For the record, our contracts with the Navy were negotiated.  One way the Navy priced individual repair components for the product, was to take the final product total cost, divide it by the number of parts in it.  This established the cost of each part.  Each part cost the same whether it was a "bushing", "diode", etc. Or, the most expensive part of the product. So, now you had Congressmen telling the public that that "diode" cost an astronomical amount.  On the other hand, the most expensive part, costing a God Awful amount, a good percentage of the total product cost, sold as a repair part for the same price as the diode. This was after the Navy asked us to price replacement parts in this fashion.  Now the Navy, embarrassed by the public disclosed negotiated replacement cost of the diode, cried "Foul" we are paying too much! My company had one customer, the Navy, no one else! So we were accused of screwing the Navy when the Navy asked to set the replacement parts cost in this manner. We couldn't complain nor defend ourselves 'cause it would further embarrass the customer - the Navy.  If we embarrassed the Navy we were out of business. So we were publicly humiliated and had to absorb the ridicule and say nothing.
    • You think that's difficult!  As a citizen we are required to get a job  and pay our bills!
    • It looks like it saw a mouse, doesn't it?    
    • I don't have a mamba but once you go brown,  you'll never be let down.  Oh behave....
    • Look, a broken clock is right twice a day.  Melencamp is not necessarily wrong BUT the reason he wants it is wrong.  Anytime you hear someone say "gun violence", you know you are talking with a leftist woke maroon.
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