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  1. Funny how that works out, huh? When miscreants know there will be consequences for what they do, they're less inclined to do it. Who'd a thunk?!? -Pat
  2. I'd still like to get a Bridgeport. -Pat
  3. Looks like an old South Bend 9". Sweet! I have its relative (a 10K) in my garage. Handy little thing. -Pat
  4. Damn! That's like the opposite of a cow catcher. I don't think the 'catcher' part was meant to be taken literally! -Pat
  5. Congrats, DD. You've certainly worked hard over the years - nice to see that hard work being rewarded, and good things happening to someone who truly deserves them. Here's wishing you success in your new gig - you'll no doubt do well. -Pat
  6. Wow, that's a big nut! Ouch. I hope it remains unbroken for the foreseeable future! Glad to hear that it's back up and operational again. -Pat
  7. I miss having access to the vapor degreaser we had there (back before saying freon would get you sent to the gulag) - that thing was sweet for cleaning stuff. Also wish I'd pilfered a gallon or ten of trichlor- used to go through buckets of it decreasing vacuum system innards. -Pat
  8. That's pretty damned awesome - all around! Sounds like you raised some amazing kids! Well done. -Pat
  9. Gotta love the stuff that goes into making semiconductors. Arsine, phosphine, boron trichloride, phosphorus oxychloride, and everyone's favorite pyrophoric gas, 100% silane! Along with sulfuric, hydrofluoric, aqua regia... What a fun industry! (Truth be told, I very much enjoyed the six years I worked at National Semi, and likely would have stayed longer if they hadn't closed the plant in 1990. Learned a LOT working there, and it's served me well since.) -Pat
  10. My rationalization for multiples was I'd lose the <pick one - 1/2", 9/16" 10mm, 14mm, whatever>, then go to Sears* to buy a replacement. And find I could get the replacement for $6.50. Or the ten piece set, that had the replacement I needed along with 9 other sizes to give me spares of those, on sale for $11.99. Less than 2x the price for nine additional sockets. So of course I'd buy the set. (And promptly start losing those, too.). Later, rinse, repeat and there wind up being a lot of duplicates, but never the size you need. -Pat * back in the day when Craftsman tools were good and made here in the US rather than offshored to places of lesser quality in persuit of profit at the expense of a hard built brand name.
  11. Well, from the look of the pictures, she was a very pretty girl. Now? The foundation is still there, but it's overwhelmed and drowned out by the paint job. Her body, her life, her future, but it screams 'I have major issues and those issues have issues of their own - stay far away' to me. -Pat
  12. My frind's friend's cat Trogdor does that, too. And if he likes you, he will literally climb up you as you stand there in order to get in on your shoulder. -Pat Holy pathetic proofreading, Batman!!
  13. I collect and have a house full of old electronic test gear from the heydays of Hewlett-Packard, Tektronix and Fluke. Oh, and I prefer the term 'geek' -Pat
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