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  1. Mercedes driver involved in 13 prior wrecks before Windsor Hills crash that killed 5, D.A. says (yahoo.com)
  2. If he runs I will vote for him again and it asked to serve I will be his VP
  3. She always seemed so classy to me
  4. they just want to know if they are having sex with a man made vagina or a natural one
  5. I just have a piece of 1/2 in plywood
  6. I don't expect the dem party to back him next time, they know what a sinking turd he is
  7. Loved the show before and now that it goes to Beech Grove indiana it is even bettter. Beech Grove is just a few miles south of where I live in Indianapolis and is actully in Indianapolis. Nice to see locations I recognize and hoping to see people I know. 'Live PD' is back as 'On Patrol: Live' two years after being canceled (nypost.com)
  8. I can see sending some to seattle and let them fight the homeless for all the free benefits
  9. They can't tell the differnce between their video games and reality
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