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  1. I would have sprayed it with vegetation killer then came back in a month and burned it off
  2. I was in my local walmart the other day and when leaving the young asian lady at the door said to me Fluck eyou for slopping wulmert, at least she was hot
  3. I hope she died quickly and didn't have to suffer
  4. Remo Williams was very good and worth watching again
  5. I've had 3 so far and am due next month for the second booster. I am medically frail at the moment and can't take any chances
  6. I hope they collected their dna from the dogs teeth for when they catch them. Who's a good dog?
  7. I can use some 5 qt jugs of Mobil 1 oil and some frozen pizza
  8. Whole family of weenies
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