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  1. On the plus side for her she can add to her tatto collection with those cool russian prison tatto's
  2. I zero side effects from it too. Now the shingles vaccine is on day six of messing up my whole system, got all the side effects on this one, I am really rethinking getting this shot
  3. She shouldn't have been greedy and went to play BB in russian during her off season. Found out the rest of the world ain't so woke. No sympathy , in fact I think It's great humor
  4. Since it's thanksgiving I put up my christmas decorations on Face Book
  5. Well it's certainly not qUEEN LaTeeefa, her character is like a cartoon, yeah right she kicks down doors and beats guys up
  6. he was intense and made the show , with out him I didn't watch
  7. He had to poof up his hair to be as tall as she is
  8. they can drink swiss miss chocolate to keep warm
  9. been easier to keep track of the times he was right other than all the times he is wrong
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