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  1. Looking like this will drive even more houses into the hands of corporate landlords and put even more people in rentals. Of course everyone rents everything from the government anyway so that the public screwls can keep churning out mindless dolts.
  2. Not me, someone sent me the link. Looks like she is smiling for the camera and trying really hard to not hurl her biscuits across the plane.
  3. I know, owned huskies most of my adult life, would have had them sooner but my mom likes ugly dogs and wouldn't let me get one. Those pictures are taken from a few feet away clearly showing the head, so it's easy for us to know it's a husky. I still don't think she did anything wrong or illegal. Stupid maybe, but that was posting it online after she realized she made a mistake.
  4. I read the dogs were all sick and diseased and going to die anyway. She claims the one she shot was chasing a deer. Who knows? Just another example of how social media is not a good place to be showing off your life.
  5. Don't believe everything you read. She did nothing wrong. They should be mad at the person who dumped over a dozen dogs in the wilderness. BTW, there are wolf mutts being bred all over the PNW. Some of them are the meanest critters you can ever have the misfortune of meeting, even the real wolves won't let them join the pack.
  6. That right there is how most domestics start.
  7. Mostly I'm afraid of mosquitoes that can carry off small children. Had a family friend that moved there years ago and she said it was the "land of ten thousand lakes with a million mosquitoes in every one."
  8. I had an account with a goverment agency for filing reports. It forced me to change my password every 60 days. It also required passwords to 12 characters long, have multiple upper and lower case and at least two symbols. I put up with it for a year and then closed the account and requested that I be mailed the old forms to fill out and mail back. They said that once I started online I had to continue online. I said "Well, then I guess you won't get your reports." and I haven't made a report since. Been a few years and they haven't seemed to notice, probably because there was no fee attached to the reports, just reporting for the sake of making a report.
  9. They most certainly did anticipate it and that is why they gave us the 2nd
  10. I have heard that some western states still have laws on the books allowing indians to be shot from covered wagons.
  11. I think he said something about all of us being too stupid to hang out with, and that he was done with us. He then piled into his mommy missile and left. I imagine he's busy losing money day trading stocks somewhere on a beach, in a van, by the mouth of a river.
  12. I knew a guy who got one that made a living welding. He would put on a chain mail coat and keep right on welding. I have no idea if this was approved or if it even helped, he said it worked, and kept on working so I guess at least it didn't kill him.
  13. I straw purchased some gas for a guy who ran out and was trying to get home to his sick wife. I sorta know the couple and she is sick. He didn't ask for money, just gas in his rig. Far as I know he could legally buy gas, having valid drivers license and all...dunno...maybe I'll get raided in the middle of the night.
  14. There is a guy selling tshirts that say "Minnesota DNR Come on vacation, leave on probation" Based on his and a few others experiences it's a state I'll never visit.
  15. Fog

    WTF vehicles

    I think that was a ride created by GingerBilly on utoob. But then, most of the rides in this thread could be his.
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