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  1. I didn't know him, or even anyone that knew him, but found his story inspiring, he was a giant in a short life. May he RIP https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/rip-young-cole-summers-video/ https://www.commonsense.news/p/how-to-be-a-pioneer https://www.willowliana.com/writing/remembering-cole-summers
  2. Nice! I'm going to get a job as a barista someday. Just see if I like it. Gonna have to move a long way off to do it, everybody for about 500 miles around will recognise me and I want an authentic experience.
  3. It's a step in the right direction. Not sure we can even see where we need to be from where we are now, but I'll take any win I can get. Now everyone bend over because some RINO's are give it to us in the Senate.
  4. Fog

    What a WASTE

  5. Fog

    What a WASTE

    I have no problem with it. The moto gangs are terrorist thugs, the only thing that would have made crushing the bikes better would have been to have the riders on them. Or, save the bikes and run the dozer over the riders. Either way the point gets made. Anybody remember the undercover cop that was part of a moto gang that beat up the family?
  6. Sadly, due to RINO's, the conservative movement has been just gas. In my state about two thirds of elected R's are Trump hating chamber of commerce types that love the CCP and hate America. General public loves Trump, even many democrats love him and voted for him. But somehow we keep getting the same elected officials that are totally out of touch and don't care about our country. It just gets worse under their "leadership".
  7. I sent him a PM letting him know I was missing his posts a few weeks ago. Hope he is doing well. Loved his threads that he kept filled with interesting stuff.
  8. I have a device for automotive wiring that emits a tone until you reach the point of the short. It's called a "Short and Open Circuit Tracer." Like anything that uses voodoo, a bit of practice and it works pretty good.
  9. I dealt with that all the time. Political stuffed shirts and bras trying to tell the protection guys how to run things, how much they could "afford", where we could and couldn't stand. They thought we were props. The elected officials thought we were errand boys to fetch coffee and hookers. "Well, I'm paying him so he'll go get me a ******* coffee if I tell him too." My favorite "This is an all private event that is invitation only and I'm having the govenor driven by a retired JAG attorney so everything will be just fine. There is no f'ing way I'm losing thousands of dollars a plate to have your guys at any of the tables." I called a couple of the donors. "We have a specific concern relating to the governors security. I need to place a man at your table as your guest, it is imparative the party staff not know, they need to believe he is your guest." Donors covered the plates, they insisted it was a donation and were happy to be included in "secret squirrel ****". We tailed the car the governor rode in. Then the next morning everything blew up because the JAG attorney was hitting on the govenor the whole evening and she was pissed.
  10. So, this means Eric is once again the rutter? https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/rut
  11. Here is another case of religion run amok. In this case it's the opposite end of the spectrum ending up where you can't tell a difference. How many people will die of cancer because they just had to ruin the life of one man? https://bariweiss.substack.com/p/he-was-a-world-renowned-cancer-researcher?s=w
  12. Around here the Church of Satan (that's what they call themselves) is calling for children to be mutilated in name of love for satan. Basically they are demanding that parents "transition" their children, as young as toddlers, to the opposite gender. It's a crazy world right now, and getting worse.
  13. On trucks. I'm gonna have to move the inlaws pretty soon. My plan is to take a truck with me to move them.
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