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  1. Karen takes chair from kid. Kid's dad takes umbrage. Knocks Karen tf out: https://vidmax.com/video/216110-nasty-karen-steals-chair-from-student-student-s-dad-delivers-so-equal-rights
  2. With just 1000 votes to count, Stephanie has a 6% lead. I'd say she's won it. I don't know anything about how elections get certified, but some mail in ballots won't be counted until the 22nd. If there is any kind of ceremony I'll try to get some photos. After she gets sworn in would it be out of place to ask her to loan Uncle Tim an MP-5 and some ammo?
  3. Inyo County. The final count is due this evening. She was still ahead at last count. Yes, if the sheriff's posse is about to hang you, just tell them this.
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