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  1. I suggest that operating an automobile, i.e., steering, accelerating, braking, will soon be a perishable skill and within a generation, a rare skill. Just as few people knew how to properly hitch a wagon to two horses and navigate to town, operating a motor vehicle will be something past generations did and no one needs those skills anymore. As others have lamented, I also enjoy steering, accelerating and braking, but young'uns will just consider that 'quaint.' NB I have an air-gapped life. Other than the gateway to my domain, no device in my home or garage is connected to the internet and never will be, I simply refuse to allow anyone with motives that do not benefit me to control my automobile, thermostat, lights, televisions, etc. I always cringe when I see commercials for those smart houses that one can control with that damned device grafted to their had. If I can control everything that makes life comfortable and worth living, with my phone, so can the local or international goblins and the Marxist government. Yeah, I'm old.
  2. Are you channeling Rosie O'Donnell for the 1980s again? Stop that.
  3. The Scoops are on their way! NB the film was set in 2022.
  4. The map included the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, known as Da UP, as though it were part of Wisconsin. Residents of the Upper Peninsula are know as Yoopers and the UP has been trying to become its own state (Superior,) for many years. The lower half of Michigan, known as the Mitten because of its shape, is where Detroit and Lansing (the state capital) are and it is basically a communist state. The UP fairly conservative, but has nowhere near the population of the lower half. A pasty is a meat pie popular in the Upper Peninsula. With Yoopers.
  5. Why would you cut off Da UP and leave the Marxist Mitten alone? No pasties for you.
  6. So, you're saying that we get credit for tantrums?
  7. Dallas Stars just completed yet another mediocre season. They were outplayed badly all through the Flames series. Except for Jake Oettenger. No goalie should have to face 50 shots in three periods and the lad was spectacular in a losing effort. A Lightning-Avalanche final would make me happy. Maybe Lightning - Blues, but my Bluesies are not Cup worthy this year. Edited at add: I can't recall a team that won three in a row as of the mid-1960s expansion. Montreal, Edmonton and the Islanders won the Cup in bunches in the 80s and 90s, but I don't believe three in a row.
  8. The dinosaurs caused man-made Global Warming and look what happened to them. Especially those ice skating in Florida.
  9. Not stock since he mentioned Weber carburetors. And he didn't mention that he removed the battery because 914 battery trays had habit of rusting into collapse. I would have another one in a heart beat.
  10. My standard new-shooter, first-time pistol was a Ruger Single 6. Great for smaller hands and being single-action, no danger of accidental second-shots. The only drawback was the crappy sight picture of an SAA.
  11. I used a similar technique playing table tennis rather than billiards., emphasizing: Keep You Eye On The Ball - Keep Your Eye On The Front Sight. It seemed to help some students and others, not so much. We've all been there, especially in precision shooting and golf: I wanna see where that bullet/ball went!!
  12. If snugged, the ejector rod rarely rotates such that it will be loose. It is a left-hand thread because Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, heck, everybody except Colt has a cylinder that rotates counter-clockwise, so if the ejector rod had a normal right-hand thread, the rotation of the cylinder could loosen it. Thus, the reverse thread. But, you already knew that. I used a chuck from a old 3/8 inch drill and padded the jaws with leather as a remove/install tool. If you suspect someone has used Loctite, heat from a propane torch gently applied will usually break it loose. I have, over the years, had to replace the entire extractor because someone over-tightened the ejector rod. The threads are rather fragile. Gorilla force is not needed or desired.
  13. For those that are confuzzled, Suzanne Pleshette was in a film titled If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium, a thoroughly forgettable movie from 1969.
  14. Just a reminder, the ejector rod on Smith and Wesson revolvers is a reverse thread. And some Chrysler products in the 1960s and 1970s had reverse thread lug nuts. Left to tighten, right to loosen. Oh, and if you are one of those galoots that, over the years, put Loctite on the ejector rod so that it took me far more time and effort to remove it - don't.
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