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  1. tous

    WTF vehicles

    Somebody let an Italian have a Corvair?
  2. tous

    WTF vehicles

    In a frontal crash, that steering column poses no danger.
  3. How about Godzilla? Could Chucky take Godzilla? Mebbe Mothra. How about Walker, Texas Ranger? The Lone Ranger? A Range Rover? One or all of the Rover Boys? The Bobbsey twins? Callie Shaw? Mebbe Iola Morton, Chet's sister? I'm thinkin' that Nancy Drew cold take Chucky with Ned tied behind her back. Elfego Baca, no problemo. Spin and Marty, definitely.
  4. What about Leatherface? Knife versus chain saw. Does Chucky eat what he kills or is it just a waste?
  5. tous

    WTF vehicles

    That is not a bad color for that automobile. Not my choice, but not downright terrible. I hate those wheels, too.
  6. Where is the turn signal stalk on the port side of the steering wheel column? At least that automobile doesn't have a fake Continental kit trunk lid.
  7. tous

    WTF vehicles

    It would be a good color for that automobile if they just went to a more cinnamon, copper or rust orange. At least it isn't Grabber Orange.
  8. tous

    WTF vehicles

    It's an Alpha Romeo and it's orange. Nothing more need be said, except those are the ugliest wheels I have ever seen on what is probably supposed to be a serious automobile. Maybe a good thing, as those rubber band tires would likely last about two miles before that orange thing is running on the ugly wheels. Oh, and watch for those speed bumps.
  9. Lynda Carter, of course. You even had to ask?
  10. tous

    WTF vehicles

    At least it doesn't have fender skirts. Good ground clearance. The white stripe down the middle of the tire tread is a nice touch. Now we know where Dodge and Plymouth got the idea for the Daytona and Superbird.
  11. If ever I get in a fix that I can't handle, I want to see Rambo, not Paris Hilton, coming to help me. Heck, mebbe the Hulk. Chuck Norris. I won't mind Wonder Woman.
  12. gwalch is so close to the Kentucky border now, he might could have lost some of his taste for Moonpiss and RC Cola. He did buy him a little wimmins car, after all.
  13. I thought that it was not only illegal, but down right wrong, to sell Moonpies without RC Cola to go with it in Georgia.
  14. It goes back even further. Jimma Carter hollowed out the armed forces. Harold Brown was a geek, not a warrior, who advocated replacing actual warriors with technology. A few years and hundreds of billions later, no practical technology, few warriors.
  15. A feller shouldn't get buried unless he's owned and shot a lot of hand loads out of a Blackhawk, Redhawk and Model 29. Own and shoot them all. NB when you fire the first .44 Remington Magnum cartridge at the local range, folks tend to peek around the dividers with that, What the Hell was that? look on their faces. I always requested a lane next to the wall. If you were in a lane next to me, the muzzle blast from my Blackhawk would ruffle your hair some.
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