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  1. Could be worse. They could have signed you up at NAMBLA's website.
  2. The first word was not needed for this thread title.
  3. Why would they? Trump having a fanbase is not exactly what I call newsworthy. I wear Trump shirts and have a MAGA cap and no one cares. Why should I or anyone else care that Trump has fans?
  4. Maser

    Flying deer

    I jumped way higher when I accidentally sat on my electric fly swatter while getting dressed.
  5. Will the winners also get the "you're winner!" meme?
  6. Maser


    I haven't had a hearing aid since I was like 12 or 13. I accidentally left it in my pocket when I threw my pants in the washer and ruined it.
  7. So is he a good doctor?
  8. I get reminded of old reruns of The Newly Wed game where the host would refer to having sex as "making whoopi".
  9. The overly bright titanium sparks look ******* awesome!
  10. I just learned that Whoopi Goldberg's real first name is Karen, but it's spelled Caryn. Pretty much the only funny thing about her.
  11. Having to live in the ghetto was always on my mind.
  12. What's a "land line"?
  13. The OP made this thread because he's got a very suspicious mind.
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