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  1. Does Sanders think he's wearing a foam finger? Also, Yang looks bored outta his mind.
  2. I couldn't care less. They signed on for it. No one to blame but themselves.
  3. Top ten unusual music genres on Eric's playlist.
  4. Usually God is pretty accurate.
  5. Top ten reasons why a .357 Mag is better than 9mm and .45ACP.
  6. Top ten reasons why AKs are better than ARs
  7. Nah, a 9mm is only good for blowing out lungs. Not hands.
  8. When I was a kid in church I would have LOVED to have a preacher dress like that!
  9. The more acronyms involved, the more problems there are. Personally I think gyrocopters are cooler, but ultralight planes are cool too.
  10. Be thankful the spiders weren't where they were in this story: I love spiders and all, but that would freak me out as well!
  11. Very cool looking! We mainly only get black widows and wolf spiders in my area.
  12. I don't care who you are, cop, military, civilian, flying spaghetti monster, etc., if someone is brandishing a gun or knife or any other weapon at you in a way that's threatening to you and you're in fear of your life or grieve bodily injury, you shoot the ****** until the threat is stopped. Whether the threat dies or not doesn't matter so long as the threat is gone. None of this bullshit of warning shots or shooting in the leg or shooting a gun out of someone's hand. CoM shots.
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