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  1. Lucked up that nothing was dangling low enough to snag him.
  2. Standard way of rewarding politicals is a huge non returnable advance for a ghost written book which doesn’t sell. For reference see Dr Jill
  3. Wonder how many threads whose originator is no longer posting on the site are still active.
  4. I was slow on the draw here…
  5. Thanks. Don’t know whether Tennessee has a trike endorsement requirement.
  6. And for your NEXT challenge… reassemble it.
  7. Well… we know Hillary had to dodge sniper fire on a runway in Kosovo, so Pelosi needed her combat moments.
  8. I have a modern F-150 with four standard doors, six foot bed, and 4x4. Driving it around town I sometimes feel as though I’m dressed in heavy coat and other winter clothes trying to delicately get to the o’dourves and cash bar at a crowded reception.
  9. A very early DC-3. Maybe the oldest in the States still considered airworthy. Middle picture the plane is weatherized and appears to be at its default airport in Shelbyville TN
  10. Motorcycle endorsement required?
  11. Big bush hog on a big tractor would have done about the same only more spectacularly
  12. Sniper bait… Really! Glow in the dark blue in a “combat zone” when all others are wearing dark neutral colors.
  13. The so-called original fourth branch - independent media - has long since been co-opted.
  14. Momma I don’t wanna get out of the water!
  15. How vintage is vintage? At a nearby dirt track last summer, but car designs are essentially timeless. (The shop meme is of unknown age.)
  16. Indications are that USA military may have been funding/operating even more biological weapons labs in Ukraine than in China. Helps explain the tremendous aid packages… oh, wait, that aid really goes to USA weapons manufacturers.
  17. Still wondering if the oil filter at the heart of this thread finally gave up.
  18. Add a cat jumping on that bladder to have a perfect storm.
  19. Brother broke an arm using a set of these. I broke an arm jumping out of a swing. Suppose we each learned something.
  20. Part of Alinsky’s Rule 5 in play - control the food.
  21. Disney stock price may go back up. Park attendance may return. Streaming may sell again. However… Disney World will never get its most favored quasi government entity status back. Even if some future legislature/governor is willing to give it back lobbyists from all the other theme parks and tourist attractions will see that it never happens.
  22. Maybe time for this? Or maybe not…
  23. No kickback from supplying baby formula to mothers in the USA.
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