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  1. Millions have come across the Arizona and Texas borders, and NYC gets all nose out of joint about less than 100…
  2. Takes “Girls’ Night Out” to another level.
  3. Reminded of the alternate meaning of PhD
  4. What ever else one might say about McConald he kept this off the Supreme Court.
  5. No matter what “it” claims it is an XY not an XX
  6. I wonder… with 80,000+ new IRS agents being hired, will Al Sharpton finally get caught up on his taxes?
  7. Inquiring minds want to know: How did the chicken taste?
  8. Could this be another XY pretending to be XX to reduce competition?
  9. He didn’t run in 2020. Sat on his behind waiting to be installed.
  10. Enjoy this and other Las Vegas water attractions while you can. Absent significant precipitation over several years in the Rockies, Lake Powell and Lake Mead will no longer be able to support them.
  11. Maybe a bit of common sense shining through.
  12. Wonder if anyone has traced Columbus’ journeys here? The
  13. Jerry Pournelle, science fiction/fact writer, advocated for using 10% of each grant to fund opposition research.
  14. It is possible that some states will gain Representative seats as others lose them. However the total number of seats will not change.
  15. Could it be COVID is the label being used to keep him and his goofs out of sight and mind until after midterms?
  16. I don’t know. Jones murdered 100% of his group.
  17. Didn’t Wild Bill empty (by firing) his handguns, clean them, and reload daily?
  18. Good will and reputation… Once they are damaged or destroyed they may never be rebuilt. If they can be rebuilt the cost will be far greater than it would have cost to keep them.
  19. I am generally referring to people by their chromosomes - XX or XY. Would like to see that convention widely adopted but don’t expect it to be. It does remove “let’s pretend” from the discussion. And since when is sexual identity “assigned at birth”
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