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  1. Is it relevant that teeth on wheels point opposite?
  2. Dog shouldn’t have had turkey leg. Those splintery bones are dangerous for dogs. Cat should get an award.
  3. At a spacing of 3,000 ties per mile of track that represents about 330 miles of track. Wonder if they were later creosoted or used raw.
  4. If/When you tire of modern Christmas music and poor covers/revisions of classics, but still want to enjoy classic Christmas music this may help. I may have missed them, but a quick look at the list did not reveal any Gene Autry standards.
  5. Sirhan Sirhan in at least some contexts said he had no memory of shooting RFK. Some witnesses may have testified that he looked hypnotized.
  6. It is known that impressionable people can be persuaded to strap on a bomb vest and detonate it in a crowd. Would any objective person be surprised to learn that people can be groomed to shoot up a crowd?
  7. Rash of mass shootings just as Democrats are trying for one more restriction on the Second Amendment while they still control the House. Funny how things just happen…
  8. 180 ounces of gold… circa $300,000 today…
  9. Even if differences between jabbed and unjabbed blood are given consideration how will “unjabbed” be proven?
  10. I found this about that… https://www.wimp.com/the-160mph-acrobatics-of-sidecar-racing/
  11. Now I’m curious about how the ladder folded.
  12. Is this an actual XX person or a pretend one?
  13. Suspect she will continue to receive her regular pay and benefits while suspended.
  14. Local Walmart has stuff show up in the clearance aisle which I don’t think was ever in a regular price area in that store.
  15. Banning the now proven lyers would be poetic Justice
  16. And those are exactly the masks passed out at medical facilities so all can show subservience. Hanging it on one ear and letting it dangle is still “wearing a mask”.
  17. For years a feature of Times Square area was the perpetual “Going Out of Business” sale provided by numerous stores - often jewelry or electronics or cameras.
  18. “Well when those cotton bolls get ripe…”
  19. Much better looking than those in Congress
  20. Where do you buy YOUR insurance?
  21. Al Gore would never believe this.
  22. Don’t think it was named “Federal Reserve System” in Lincoln’s times…
  23. Increasingly doctors are merely highly paid employees with big student loan balances and large malpractice policies. And a spouse and children being supported in a nice lifestyle. Often with a contract containing a non-compete clause as well.
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