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  1. Best part about cool weather is when it gets replaced by hot.
  2. I'm an ******* and just ghost them if I see them begging.
  3. Sounds awesome! Oakland has decriminalized psilocybin.
  4. She was also at Woodstock '69 when she was only 14.
  5. My Grandma was at their concert near the front row at the Oakland Colosseum back in 1977.
  6. Eric invaded my privacy and walked in on me while I was dancing!
  7. If you can't understand Spanish don't bother clicking on this song.
  8. I don't think anything Carson related can beat him and Dangerfield.
  9. I get why folks just release a dog in the wild they don't want. It's a dog! It can survive on it's own. I don't get why folks do sadistic **** like throwing animals off bridges or into lakes while still in cages. Sociopaths always start off being cruel to animals. I don't support police brutality, but I think I can look the other way pretty damn easy if a cop wants to give an animal abuser some hickory therapy in an alley.
  10. Those skits bug the living **** outta me! Abbott & Costello can rot in hell for starting such an annoying bit of comedy!
  11. This is the song that plays in all our heads when our internet service goes out for maintenance or whatever.
  12. All throughout Jr. High I labeled myself as a Democrat because I knew it would piss off all the Conservative adults in my Conservative hometown. Kids are suppose to piss off adults at that age! Then in High School I labeled myself as a neo-Republican. Wasn't until I was 19 and became serious about my political beliefs and became a Libertarian and have been one ever since. My 33rd birthday is in 2 weeks.
  13. Maser


    I remember her on MTV when I was a kid.
  14. Go old school and put their hand in warm water after they pass out.
  15. Maser


    Good Lord! Does Kennedy buy her glasses from the same place Elton John buys his?
  16. Eric Powell is the most uncool fictional name!
  17. Chess is a Commie game anyway so **** it!
  18. Maser

    Buying guns?

    Real men buy guns with cash.
  19. So who's side am I suppose to be on here?
  20. "Do you think they all know we're fags?"
  21. I was in Juvenile Hall when it happened. I will never forget the reactions from inside.
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