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  1. I do admit that in my household I'm the only one who doesn't watch TV anymore, but when my wife and kids are watching, I really don't notice the local news saying much about the trial. I think a lot of people are really missing what this trial is representing. For way too long now the #MeToo movement has been allowing malevolent women to make up stories about men in hopes of not only getting all their money, but destroying their whole lives in the process. When Depp wins this trial, I will also be following the Marilyn Manson trial to see yet another critical blow dealt to such an awful movement. Finally, this trial is probably the most entertaining thing to come out of Hollywood in a long time.
  2. Well, since I have been following the Depp v Heard trial since the start, my nominee for WGaS award goes to those who complain about the trial. Not just for the trial but for ANYONE who complains about something they're not interested in. Nobody has a gun to your head and is forcing you to watch. Besides who doesn't love a good cross exam? So yeah, my nomination for WGaS award goes to those who complain about things that have nothing to do with them, nor affects them in any way.
  3. Maser


    Just for our entertainment.
  4. Maser


    I'm guilty of cleaning greasy parts off with gasoline. Never thought about cleaning a whole vehicle with it.
  5. Know any local SOTs that you could donate the old filter to?
  6. Hey now don't be so inconsiderate! We all know now that it's possible for men to get pregnant.
  7. So long as you're not waking up to a "present" left in bed by Amber Heard.
  8. No clue what the hell breed of dog that is. Anyways, cops everywhere need to all watch their sixes because there is still a very active war against them.
  9. I'm perfectly fine with Prime. There's not a single Netflix exclusive that has ever made me wanna subscribe.
  10. I'm cool with Americans rejecting shots. Bring back beer bongs! Remind me of my teenage years again!
  11. Netflix will never recover from Cuties.
  12. Cute idea and all, but voting doesn't matter and also people would just lie to get the cheaper gas prices if it did.
  13. You can always tell which cops are the good ones based on their humor and ability to take a joke.
  14. Or better yet, Return Of The Jedi.
  15. Stoners and pizza go together like meat and potatoes.
  16. Do a Google Image search for "grumpy looking cats" and you'll thank me later.
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