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Would you quit your job if you received $500,000 tax free?


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It's enough to invest for future profits, but not enough to justify quitting a good job. 

It wouldn't last long enough, and potential employers would wonder why you were unemployed for an extended length of time thereby hurting your potential for re-entering the job force.

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27 minutes ago, GT4494 said:

Yay!!    But i'm already retired so my answer may not matter..  :anim_rofl2:

True.  BUT!  I invested $9,000+ when I retired.  I haven't taken any out yet, but it's now $182,000.  It's in addition to my regular retirement money. 

So, if you took the money and invested it during retirement it's a real benefit.

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1 hour ago, Swampfox762 said:

Oh HELL yeah!!!  I'm already retired, 74, and If I can't keep breathin after this last operation, My Wife and Daughter get the money!!!:D  WIN!

I'm 82 and I'm still collecting money with the expectation of living to 100 like my father and grandfather on mother's side.   

Don't get me wrong, I'm still intermittently collecting on other stock funds when the outgo approaches the income, but one of these days I'm going to say, "To hell with the income taxes" and cash it all in. 

If there is something left after my wife's smile leaves her face, the kids can have it.

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