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  1. There is also a loop on the ack of most cars that do the same for the back. They do it this way for the front so they can have a nice smooth bumper cover.
  2. Well Fauci made approx. $5mil while the majority of the country was forced to stop working.....
  3. Notice how the majority of the people interview either came from New England or Mexico? Just saying!!!
  4. We do not want/need south Florida in Charleston!!!
  5. And with the batteries for most cars under the passenger compartment the failure could lead to the same effect an electric grill starter does... Crispy anyone???
  6. Pure sixties/seventies !!!
  7. Dad taught me the screwdriver trick. when the filter is too tight to get off, drive the biggest screwdriver all the way through it and use it like a "T" handle. Never lost to a filter yet!!
  8. Visiting in nowheresville S.D. and have never seen so many hayrolls. Farmers even have a date by which if they cut/roll the public access, they can keep it. I love this place!!!!
  9. Yep!! He was the final CEO if memory is correct
  10. I know on Model As the number is stamped on the frame under the body. Can only see it when the body is jacked off the frame. Most get registered with the engine number.
  11. Mine gives me the same argument. "You are not eating healthy", Your gonna die early!!! I tell her I plan on dying when I get old... Not sure if she ignores me or can't figure that one out.
  12. Not sure when you served but the Military has a database of all serving and past members. They did this for ID purposes of remains. Plus if you ever had a piss test, how do you know they don't??? Just saying!
  13. I understand and feel for you. We lost our Dachshund a couple of years ago and I still miss her laying in bed next to me.
  14. Heres how the BBC tries to bash.. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-62691011 "The FBI told a judge they expected to find "evidence of obstruction" of justice in a search of former President Donald Trump's Florida home, according to newly released court papers. Investigators said top secret files had been stored at Mar-a-Lago along with assorted newspapers and magazines." I better burn all the newspapers and Magazines in my house!!
  15. I remember in 1967 we lived in Japan and dad was very much into racing scrambles etc. The local motorcycle shop new him well. We were outside one day and heard a motorcycle go by. It had a sound to it that we had never heard before. The shop owner was out on a ride and stopped to talk. The bike was 100% black. No chrome no names. Turns out the bike was the kawasaki 3 cylinder two stroke in prototype and he had it for testing. The bike became known as the Mach 3 in the states when it was released two years later in 1969. . He actually let dad take it for a ride. When he came back I could tell that he was totally impressed and said no street bike to data had that kind of acceleration
  16. My wife put the kabash on a motorcycle (long story but I should have been dead 50 years ago because of one) so I bought a quad-cycle... A Mustang convertible with the coyote 5.0. Not quit the same but I get a great rush of wind through the few hairs I have left and she is happy!! Plus when it rains I can put the top up and keep cruising, nice and dry.
  17. I would hope they (the police) would know the adress of senators and representatives in their local. Hope I don't have too much confidence in them.
  18. Used to work with a lot of people in the DC area and believe me, They have no clue how the rest of the country is. All they know is that they make more money then you or I. Even though most have roommates so they can live. No dream of buying a house. But they are in their twenty's and making 6 digits...So they must be better then you!!!
  19. BUt... Fauci is retiring in Dec... Hopefully .
  20. All because the West (us included) refused to enact the Dansk agreement. One thing good is that Ukraine will have a hard time explaining why they bombed the Nuclear plant since we are sending them GPS guided missiles. Never will believe Putin is bombing his own troops at the plant!!
  21. Reminds me of when my wife was in Back Labor and I was reading the newspaper funny page to her.. It didn't go well! We did end up with a beautiful daughter though...
  22. If you take them at the same time the Tylenol will enhance the pain easing effect of the tramadol. to sleep sometimes I use the Tylenol PM. seems to work for me. Hope you get some sleep.
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