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  1. Maybe FULL BRAZILIAN would have been better...
  2. I'm not a "cat" person, but that is a pretty cat
  3. F*** around, and Find out !
  4. *****Permanent record.....don't we all got one o dem somewhere?
  5. AND, .........Carry LOCKED and LOADED
  6. Maybe keep them busy with this B/S and not making up with other stuff....DJT has to be the MOST INVESTIGATED individual on the face of the earth, and after spending untold MILLIONS of DOLLARS this is what they find What an absolute steaming pile of **** CRAP F' THEM all GUILLOTINE the useless F'ers (Rant over...need to take my BP meds) Is the TURKEY READY?
  7. YOU (and perhaps a few others) are the exception to the story All in fun Do "wild" turkeys taste better than "farmed"?
  8. Go to Supermarket BUY turkey $40 (more or less) Go Turkey hunting SHOOT turkey $5000, (Cost to include Transportation to hunting ground, License, Clothing, necessary Shotgun and ammo, Lodging for a week, equipment to clean and skin bird, and GOK whatever else.....) Oh You already have the shotgun....subtract $500 )
  9. Way to go JUDGE KROEGER Enough of this BULLCRAP
  11. Right, EVERYTHING tastes better with BACON
  12. ENJOY And stay off the scale till it all settles down
  13. SHIRLEY You JEST And don't call me Shirley
  14. Was, If you don't have to PAY IT BACK
  15. Ahh, just one more thing, Columbp
  16. DAKA

    WTF vehicles

    Talk about POLLUTION ....
  17. Publix Boars Head Italian...but put the oil and vinegar in the center (not on the bread, makes it messy) unfortunately they just raised the price! Publix ain't cheap....they are the only game around
  18. Yeah, what happened in the following 65 years.....?
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