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  1. I think I may be on the road to CPAP. I never get a good nights sleep. Always up multiple times a night and always exhausted. Been sleeping in the guest room for a couple of years just so my wife can sleep through the night.
  2. Democrats are like deranged sports fans following their "team" no matter what. They're convinced that this time the Detroit Lions will get it right.
  3. I own an EV and it's tough to find any information that isn't tainted by an agenda. You have the fanboys that think they're the savior of the environment with zero consequences and the naysayers that think they're disposable in 10 years. The price tag on a replacement battery is staggering, but so is a factory crate engine installed by a dealer. Point being most people with older cars don't go that route. I know of several places in the Phoenix area that specialize in hybrid battery repair and replacement and it's much cheaper than then dealer replacement route. It makes sense that the market will transition this way as EV's become more prevalent. Battery degradation is definitely a thing but 10 years seems off the mark, at least for needing replaced. We'd need to be seeing widespread degradation in the 60 to 80% range around the 5 year mark which we're not. I've talked to people with high miles and some age on their EV's and they're only down a few percent at most. Naturally there will be exceptions but overall I'm betting most will have very usable car with minimal degradation at the 10 year mark. BTW the comment about freezing temps is true. EV owners on the forums are reporting a 25 to 30% drop in range in below freezing temps.
  4. Skid Row - Monkey Business https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pkpsxEyi-k
  5. The range on the GTPE is rated at 260 miles. Most if not all EV makers recommend keeping the battery between 10% and 90% charged. I've heard for battery longevity and to leave room for regen braking to put charge back in the battery. This leaves about 200 miles in real world range. Speeding will take a bite out of range. I'm more metro and morning commute on the highway is usually running a bit north of 80mph. I'd have to charge every two or three days, but I charge daily. It's effortless when I get home so why not start every day at 90%? One thing I've learned from people on the forums is cold weather kills range. People are talking about seeing their range drop by as much as a third in below freezing temps. Not a concern for me in Phoenix but people in those climates should be well informed before going electric. Acceleration is insane, like motorcycle fast. Brembo brakes are on point. What does take getting used to is one pedal drive. When you let off the go pedal the motors engine brake and transfer energy back to the battery. If you stay off the accelerator it will slow to a complete stop. It will also activate the brake lights while doing so. You can disable this feature and it drives the same as an ICE car but you'll lose some efficiency. It's an absolute blast to drive. Believe it or not I didn't set out to buy an EV. When I saw pictures of the car I really liked it and decided to find one to test drive. If Ford was making this car with a Coyote 5.0 it would be sitting in my garage today. As it stands they sold me on EV's. Only thing I don't like is them being forced on us by the government. This car is impressive enough to compete in the free market, so let it.
  6. I've owned a Mach E for a month and a half now. I installed a level II EVSE in my garage. My first month electric bill was $38 higher than the same month last year. I put 700 miles on the car. I'll need 6 months to a year to get a more consistent average cost but that's what month one looks like. I've never used a public charger so I can't help you there. For road trips I'll probably take my ICE car for convenience.
  7. Yay. I'm pulling the plug in 5 years max. $500k would easily cover me until 59 1/2.
  8. Tony showing them he's still the boss after his gun shot surgery.
  9. Reverend Jim's driving test.
  10. I really like the 10 acre lot. The first 5 acre lot too.
  11. Arizona is crazy. Commies fleeing the left coast is a big part of it.
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