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  1. The buzzards are coming home to roost.
  2. Always choose the lesser of two weevils.
  3. Best 20 years of my life.
  4. Eugene Fluckey, Commanding Officer of USS Barb (SS-220) USS Barb compiled one of the most outstanding records of any U.S. submarine in World War II. During her seven war patrols, Barb is officially credited with sinking 17 enemy vessels totaling 96,628 tons, including the Japanese aircraft carrier Un'yō. In recognition of one outstanding patrol, Barb received the Presidential Unit Citation. On her twelfth and final patrol of the war, she landed a party of carefully selected crew members who blew up a train, the only ground combat operation in the Japanese home islands.
  5. One of my favorite movie scenes...
  6. That's what he gets for carrying such an ugly gun.
  7. I was working at Arby's and we had a local radio station playing when the news broke.
  8. The policy change for making black tabs standard comes two years after the Navy first allowed sailors to volunteer to wear the more high-contrast version following complaints that the camouflage version left uncomfortably long stares at each other's chests in an effort to discern a shipmates' paygrade. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2022/10/18/navy-rank-insignia-scare-leads-sky-high-markups-and-scalping.html?ESRC=eb_221019.nl
  9. A local liquor store puts two prices on their bottles. One for cash and one for credit. At least they're upfront about it.
  10. aomagrat

    Ups sucks

    My local post office occasionally delivers on Sunday and Holidays if they have a backlog of mail. I talked to my mailman last President's Day and he said they were getting overtime because of the backlog.
  11. I thought this was going to be about Porky's.
  12. A revolution is a terrible thing, and I think it's about time we had one.
  13. How many of the hundreds of power repair trucks responding to Florida are electric?
  14. Fresh out of highschool in '76, I voted for Carter. Never voted for a demoncrat since.
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