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  1. Great artist who lasted a lot longer than anyone expected. Thanks for the music, Meat!
  2. What qualifications do you think would be appropriate for "mentally ill self-mutilating freak". I think it can manage that one.
  3. That's disgusting and disgraceful. More liberal freakshow. The worm will turn.
  4. I like the taste of those Dorito tacos but they're really fragile. Fragiler than the regular crunchy tacos. The Doritos ones fall apart as I'm eating them. It disturbs my groove.
  5. She's started a trend... What's old is new again:
  6. If "everyone knows" that Trump has no fanbase he and his message is further marginalized. If he had a fanbase I'd see them on the TeeVee.
  7. Capitan was owned by Sheldon "Stinky" Finklestein. Now you know the rest of the story.
  8. UPDATE - Day 5: I've gotten used to the feeling of the buds in my ears now and I only notice them if I think about it. I charge them overnight (actually takes about an hour to full charge) and wear them from when I get up (~6AM) until bedtime (10-11PM). I haven't gotten a low battery warning yet. I set the "ambient volume" to two clicks down from default, and I can hear everything, including my wrist popping, feet dragging, pants swishing, etc. The doctor of sound said I'll eventually filter out the extraneous noise. I ain't complaining. One thing, these are without a doubt the best earbuds I've ever seen heard. Considering their retail price I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but music is unbelievable.
  9. Snorting either Listerine OR Wild Turkey should work.
  10. The worst thing about this fiasco is that we'll never trust our government again. The best thing about this fiasco is that hopefully we'll never trust our government again.
  11. There's a Rent-a-Goat service in Atlanta that some of my friends used to use. They'd drop off the goats for a week every time the lawn got shaggy. https://www.rentagoat.com/
  12. Yeah, because of what happened to Fatty Arbuckle.
  13. You may be waiting a while. Herbert and his son produced quite a few sequels.
  14. I thought it was even better than the Lynch version, if that's possible...
  15. I swear I thought this was going to be about Godzilla.
  16. I just watched this. I was very impressed. I hope there's a Part II.
  17. Dr. Gray at the VA told me to either keep them in my ears or in their charging case. She said everyone who puts them in their pocket eventually washes them. I got the Phonak Audeo Paradise. It's nice. Also has a nuclear reactor in the receiver:
  18. Illigitimi non carborundum, DAKA!
  19. Ginger & Mary Ann watching My Dog Skip this evening.
  20. gwalchmai


    I just got hearing aids at the VA, and it's a life changing experience! I was diagnosed with a mild service-related hearing loss when I separated in 81 but I didn't consider it worth pursuing. It's gotten progressively worse over the years as I've moved into decrepitude, and last fall I went to the VA and had my ears checked. They agreed that it was bad enough to warrant hearing aids and today the angel audiologist hooked me up! It's like a whole new world! I can even see better. These things even bluetooth into my phone and act as earbuds, while still working as hearing aids. But the best part is that I can hear like I could when I was 10!
  21. He should have just bought the dealership and fired the salesman.
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