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  1. Long read but innerstin'. What do y'all think? Is Peter going off the deep end? https://bayourenaissanceman.blogspot.com/2022/05/a-totalitarian-onslaught-against.html Novelist Ian Fleming had his James Bond character opine, "Once is happenstance; twice is coincidence; three times is enemy action". That's a yardstick that's been used by many organizations to assess what's going on in the world, whether at war (as Fleming did when he worked for a British military intelligence organization during World War II) or at peace. There are so many signs of organization behind the current chaos and disorder in the world that I'm forced to the conclusion it's not actually chaos and disorder at all. It's enemy action: organized, planned, and being carried out on a scale so vast it's almost unthinkable. Yet, when one examines the evidence, it's extremely difficult to come to any other conclusion. Let me lay it out, and see what you think. More at the link.
  2. 914 did you say? https://www.hagerty.com/media/advice/a-few-things-to-know-before-you-steal-my-914/?utm_source=PaidSocial&utm_medium=Traffic&utm_campaign=DearThief
  3. I hope you disposed of that in an environmentally responsible manner...
  4. Word. I don't Loctite the ejector rods at all. I prefer they be hand tight. In fact I don't Loctite anything I can think of. Fingernail polish seems to work best for me.
  5. I developed a habit of tightening the ejector rod as an integral step in the process of closing the cylinder. I don't even think about it anymore.
  6. She was a Mustang pilot in Wings of Fire. @Cougar_ml, Bob Newhart had two sitcoms, years apart. The series finale of sitcom 2 ended with him waking up in his apartment from sitcom 1, trying to explain sitcom 2 to wife 1 as a dream he'd just had. She took exception to wife 2. It was one of the biggest secret surprise endings in TV history. Bigger than JR.
  7. Bet you wished you'd bought one of those toilet paper roll filters from JC Whitney now, huh? But seriously, what is the deal with oil filters? There are 87 different sizes and each one requires a different size wrench!
  8. OH Shitsky! Where did the parachutes come from? Were they helicopter crews or troops?
  9. I always thought Bonnie Tyler was Rod Stewart in drag.
  10. You mean more Tuna Pate than one normally wears?
  11. I have a big longhair black cat who is very good at catching moles in my back yard. She's about twelve years old and set in her ways, however, and probably would not take well to shipping. I would hate to have her attacking anything on or even near my head. Please advise.
  12. Pretty sure this is for that principle liberals hold dearest to their hearts...
  13. https://www.wdef.com/chattanooga-zoo-gives-covid-vaccines-to-some-animals/ CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Humans aren’t the only ones getting COVID vaccines these days. The Chattanooga Zoo has now given ten doses to some of their animals. They have inoculated two Jaguars, a Northern White-Cheeked Gibbon and three chimps. Animal Care Director and General Curator Lacey Hickle says “We of course want to start with our most at-risk species. This happened to line up during the annual physicals of three of our Chimps; Artemus, Shirley, and Katrina. From there, we simply added seven more individuals who are trained to participate in hand-injection and who are susceptible to contracting the disease.” This is just a start. Zoo officials plan to get every species that is at-risk a vaccination. Zoo Vet Dr. Anthony Ashley says “We’re thrilled to be giving these first vaccines today. While it’s extremely beneficial to these individuals, it’s also instrumental to the health of our entire Zoo. The more animals we can protect through inoculations, the lower the risk for our entire collection.” ======================================================== I have no words.
  14. Thanks for the entertainment, Fred!
  15. It's the early B-32, maybe a YB. They tried double tails a la Liberator at first before settling on the big single. How bout these
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