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  1. Yep, and this is what they're willing to let us see BEFORE they remove our ICE options. After that the price will be "How bad do you need it?"
  2. I thought the Clampets were from the Ozarks.
  3. Not perfect, but she'll do until perfect comes along.
  4. I'd like your thoughts about this thread topic. Ain't it grand? Freespoke.com gave it to me. The article itself is the usual academic ecotripe, but the headline caught my attention because it brings so many questions. "After 30 tears of watermelon Bidenflation, how much is $12 Trillion worth? About 38 cents" kinda questions.
  5. RC - the "o" is invisible, but not silent.
  6. FALSE FLAG!!! Those stumps were sawn!! The evidence is right in front of us!
  7. The cubscouts are selling Moonpies at the local retail outlets and it made me wonder. Has anyone done any research into what effect a MILF in yoga pants supervising the sale has on sales volume? For the children?
  8. I don't think that guy in the pic is AH...
  9. So there you have it - get pulled over, be white, go home.
  10. Um, I'm not sure I agree with your police work there, Dave...
  11. SBHs are nice! After a series of trading, selling, and thievery, I find myself without a .44 Mag. I still have a couple of .44 Specials and a shipload of .44 Mag reloads, but no launcher. So I'm looking for a good deal on one. Alas, anyone with one is aware of their value and won't sell to me cheap.
  12. My bride, the Heiress, just ordered screens for our house. When we built it I asked whether screens would be a nice addition and was told by her and the builder that no one uses screens anymore. This summer it was decided that screens would be a nice addition. I hope she decides we need a new gun...
  13. That sounds like a nightmare in itself!
  14. I'm old enough to remember when the image which came to mind upon hearing "American" was a rowdy guy rolling up his sleeves and walking toward a big broken gadget with a wrench in his hand. He's still out there, but the media doesn't promote him as they did before the 80s. Victimhood garners more clicks than self-reliance. Materially wealthy societies are more likely to buy solutions to problems rather than building them. I think that stunts curiosity and inventiveness, and thus an appreciation for these qualities in others.
  15. From FoxNews this morning: I don't think that picture means what they say it means. I THINK it's some Army guy named Mercado showing DaHo the finer points of the Tomahawk Chop. And she's gonna video it for her FollowMyHo channel. https://www.foxnews.com/world/vice-president-kamala-harris-visits-dmz-north-korea-missile-launches
  16. If you remove the hanger you'll need to find another one when you doff the garment, so no.
  17. It's 44 degrees F here in Paradise this morning. I'll probably switch the (NOT SMART) thermostat over to H this weekend, but for now we're relying on insulation. And THESE: I'm wearing that orange one as I type, and I'm good to go.
  18. Sounds like y'all are arguing over which chains are shinier...
  19. "What's Good for General Bullmoose is Good for the USA!"
  20. The Cooter Rule was in place long before Wimmen's Lib...
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