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  1. Obviously his white privilege was showing. < /sarcasm> I was never a big fan of his movies, but he truly is one of those rare stand-up Hollywood actors. I wish there were more like him.
  2. OMG it's not even Halloween yet! Can we get through Thanksgiving before the insanity starts? Oh wait, sorry...for a moment I thought I was at [insert favorite big box store here].
  3. Absolutely true. If there is anyone expert in milking the taxpayer teat for all it's worth, it's Schumer. However you're speaking of NYC not NYS. NYS is much larger geographically than NYC, and by far more conservative. Unfortunately our overlords in NYC outnumber us by a wide margin, and they rule with a taxpayer funded iron fist. There's been an effort (for years now) to divide into two separate states. Everything south of and including Westchester County can remain as New York. Everything north becoming New Amsterdam. Sadly I think this idea is and will remain a pipe dream.
  4. Local gun related purchases are always done with cash. Mail order would be a problem though. I hope this bullshit gets squashed real quick.
  5. minderasr


    Could someone please explain to me this point system? I've been meaning to ask, but being a "Senior Member" I tend to forget. Also, if I'm already a Senior Member and 41 points away from my next rank, will my next rank be Walking Dead?
  6. Now THAT is a concert I would have loved to see back in '76. I've seen The Outlaws several times, but never got to see the original Skynyrd.
  7. I'm in the same situation. In my experience civil service employees quickly learn to do the absolute minimum to get by. If they go above and beyond, managers take note and pile on the work. No promotion, no raise, just more work because you have an actual work ethic. However if you're a screw-up, you get promoted and/or transferred (usually closer to home) to make you someone else's problem. Soon this will all be behind me as I submitted my retirement papers last week. I figure 42 years of this nonsense has been quite enough. In two and a half weeks I'll finally be free!
  8. He followed Nancy Pelosi's not so secret recipe.
  9. Never a demoncrat. In my youth I voted Libertarian, but slid over to Conservative as I grew older.
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