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  1. What is scary is that they did NOT do an inventory of what they took , IE just boxes of paper. When they decide to go through them who knows what may fall in the boxes because they have no starting data point!!
  2. I just wish he woould stay in the white house bunker. Now he is traveling here and will probably test positive and never leave. Our beaches are nicer then deleware's, and the water is much warmer!!
  3. Red-Lines were a very suttle way to say "You don't even want to try and race me". They were the factory high performance tire.
  4. Well, L60x15 white letter tires was where it was at in the mid 70's. Then you had the long shackles to keep them from rubbing and the mandatory "slapper bar" traction bars.
  5. Getting ready to take a 3-5K mile trip next month. We will use the wife's diesel car that goes gets about 600 miles to a tank. No need to take a 1 hr break every 200 - 300 miles. When batteries get comparable to ICE then I will switch not until. Life is getting too short to spend hours in Junk food markets while on a trip.
  6. Hate to break it to you but when you hit the Ga/Fl border heading down, you are actually heading north again.. LOL
  7. we always called it "Candy Corn" Pure sugar rush!!!
  8. WHAT??? No CB????? Not worth anything then. LOL
  9. The chart doesn't show Hurricane season. Well, they say you get used to it but that never happens. Best thing about it is that it keeps most northerners away. Plus there is nothing like sitting under a 120 year old oak that is covered in Spanish moss when the afternoon breeze kicks in. Life in the south. you either love it or stay away!!!
  10. So it falls in the Indian Ocean.. And I didn't win the lotto.. . Time to go back to sleep
  11. Odds are better to get hit by this then win the Lottery.
  12. I hate to say it but we aren't getting any younger.
  13. but there is nothing more beautiful then an antique car with whitewalls. Although from the factory not many would pay the price add on...see avatar.
  14. and I think 99% of Americans have the same belief.
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