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What can happen on a routine traffic contact


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Omar Felix Cueva died in shootout after killing NMSP officer.

The complete list of crimes for which he was found guilty included:

06/1994 Vandalism
06/2000 Possession of a controlled substance
09/2001 Possession of Controlled substance
10/2002 Importation of a controlled substance
4/2004 Importation of Cocaine
8/2006 Fictitious Check, False check, Burglary 
3/2007 Probation Violation
3/2008 Import of a controlled substance
9/2010 Possession with intent of Crystal Meth or ICE

Past "10/2002 Importation of a controlled substance" this piece of **** should have gotten life / no parole.

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Didn’t another cop drive by? Shouldn’t he waited for back up? Hell I’m not putting him down at all. I don’t know procedure. Poor dude. He gave his life trying to protect us and you know sicko biden lovers are happy and will claim he got what he deserved for harassing good people. Glad the prick got put down at end of the video. You got to give them cops there due walking up to a car like that not knowing if there is a psycho in that car. 

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