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  1. Out of respect. I think i shall just go. You sir, have offended me. I will not use this stage for your twisted opera. Enjoy your freedom. Some of us paid for it.
  2. So, before i blow my stack. Maybe I'm missing something. But I will disagree with you. It is not...rotten to the core. There have always been politicians. And hunters will find witches. But our military is a fine establishment. But...as a whole...I disagree your complete damnation. I work every day with some of them...might be full-time active duty, reserve or national guard. They are damn fine men and women. Now if you'll excuse me. I may go away for a while until my head clears and I don't really let lose. Historian: 11B: 91-96 and damn proud of it.
  3. Sadly you are right. And if things don't change they will throw this amazing experience away.
  4. A lot of cops made good off duty money working security. Yet, she does not approve of that.
  5. I have a lot more faith in our system. We have had a pretty amazing experience as a nation. Some people will throw this out with the bath water. But I think America has the potential to truly be even more great. We just need people to believe in our nation once again.
  6. There might be a few isolated problems. But i seriously doubt it's an issue for a professional military with high standards. I don't see why we can't leave it an internal matter for the services to deal with.
  7. They only way they are going to keep her safe is to transfer her to a maximum security prison. I think she will Epstein herself shortly. Over the years I've had to deal with some sick twisted people. Epstein flaunted it. That guy was a total turd.
  8. I've always thought the Chinese system would rot from the inside.
  9. My mom wanted me to take her to the store just a moment ago . I told her to relax. I will get her items. I couldn't have her ride in that old rust bucket. That old truck has a great engine that doesn't leek. That's just about all it has at this point. That and i cant tell a new ding or scratch from a new one. Looks ok with a deer on it.
  10. From a meeting at work today a technical issue at the sheriff's office today. From Chad." Well "Historian" what you have described is historical revisionism..." My reply, "Well, I'm sorry Chad. If you really think the Germans bombed the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, then there's nothing i can do for you." End of meeting.
  11. That that's...why she's Mrs. C. Showing us...how it's done.
  12. Brutal. No wonder they do so well.
  13. The dude was the face and voice of football.
  14. Yet these factors were not decisive. Yamamoto or Yamaguchi might have weighed them in the balance against the fruits of total victory and struck again without hesitation. But Nagumo did not have that type of mind. Nor was he flexible enough to meet new and unexpected situations with confidence and decision. Both traditional naval strategy and economics, reinforced by the thought processes of a lifetime, urged Nagumo homeward. BAM! Enough said! Mind....blown once again by history. I needs a drank.
  15. The lady on the right. Look guilty.
  16. If a fart can leave my pants...and offend people. A mask will not work.
  17. So, as you can imagine i read a lot of history books. When i read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich for the second time i was googling a list of people, and places a mile long. I always wondered if Google (and anyone else) wondered if I was an historian or a crack pot.
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