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  1. They called it the Model A Wax-job. tom.
  2. It is unless you were a Knights Templar on Friday the 13th October 1307. tom.
  3. I did that twice and several other offices a few times. My wife supported me entirely. She is also a keeper. tom.
  4. Congrats Brother Bates. She is a keeper. Nice guns also. tom.
  5. I had one exactly like that one. tom.
  6. I sure hope he's alright. tom.
  7. To all of the Moms on here, Happy Mother's Day. tom.
  8. Welcome miketx. tom.
  9. Those bumpers indicate 1967 or earlier bugs. tom.
  10. We found out when and where the races were by phoning OUR-CARS. Then the fun began. tom.
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