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  1. RIP Ma'am. One of the prettiest young ladies I've ever seen. Wonderful entertainer. tom.
  2. My first two wheeled motorized vehicle was a used Stellar Model "B" like in this brochure. tom.
  3. RIP, Sir. Thank you for the entertainment. tom.
  4. To hide the fact that you do not blink. tom.
  5. I just read that he is still alive but near the end, under hospice care at home. tom. https://www.aol.com/entertainment/leave-beaver-star-tony-dow-180251277.html
  6. There is a strip mall near me that has a car go thru the window of several store fronts many times over the years. I've been seated at the window of my favorite bar/restaurant on at least three occasions when it happened. Fortunately it was next door or a few doors down from where I was seated. tom.
  7. Like take a broken dresser, throw out the drawers, give it an intentionally bad coat of paint, and call it my bar. I did this twenty some years ago. tom.
  8. Port-A-Walls were very popular back in the day. tom.
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