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  1. "The Governor is signing lives away when he signs this bill," Georgia Senate Minority Leader Gloria Butler, D-Stone Mountain, said in a statement. "It is a sad day for Georgia when we have to watch legislation enacted that we know will cause harm, as this will. "The vast majority of our people oppose permitless carry, but obviously the Governor isn’t listening," Butler added. "He wants more guns on the streets, and the shameful outcome of that is more gun violence." But honey, your constituents never bothered to get a permit in the first place...
  2. I'm renting a place about 6 blocks from the hospital I'm working at these days. I'm about 60 miles away from my property. Used to be, I'd be out there every off day. Now, I go out once a week and get as much as I can done, on that one trip. I'm 5 miles from Walmart, liquor, restaurants, and car wash. I usually make a loop these days, and hit the errands I need to hit. No more random explorations through the mountains or desert.
  3. When I dream, I wake with a start, and turn on the light and search the bed because I've dreamed that there was some animal or bugs in the bed. Has happened DOZENS of times. No clue why, and there is never anything in the bed. I hate it.
  4. I ate dinner in the shadow of Cheyenne Mountain tonight. Colorado Springs is pretty high on the priority list, between Cheyenne Mountain, Peterson, Shreiver, Carson, and the USAFA. If they light off nukes, I can't think of any place I'd rather be.
  5. Though I appreciated the photography and cinematography of the Lord of the Rings movies, I just could never get into that realm of fantasy. I had to look past all the elves, orcs, and other varied critters, to enjoy those movies. As an avid Trekkie and appreciator of other science fictions, I stop short of saying anything derogatory. Carry on, Esteemed Colleague!
  6. Sure, Colorado has its problems. But let be tell you about the refreshing lack of hoodrats in my current locale. Sure, the void is filled with dirty white trash and other assorted pendejos, but Florida is much more of a cesspool of subhumanity than Central Colorado. ESPECIALLY up the hill where Kenville is. Plenty of room to hide a body out there.
  7. Could be both! We ain't no spring chickens no more, Just a couple of old peckers.
  8. My lungs are fucked. I have minimal tolerance for vigorous activity, like wrestling drunks in the ER or hiking. Lungs are all scarred up. Also feel like I'm less able to think quickly and process information well. Probably 5-10% dumber, if that makes sense. I blame it on prolonged hypoxia.
  9. I can attest that "a stupid sonofabitch" is NOT the correct answer.
  10. The rest of us need to stop and ponder this for a moment. This man heard an explosion that happened SIX THOUSAND MILES AWAY.
  11. Geology in action! That is so freakin cool! No booms here in central Colorado, but Colorado Springs reported a substantial drop in atmospheric pressure as the shock wave passed.
  12. Well, other than the National Parks, I can get by on ANC, the Alaska and Kenai Peninsulas, and the oil fields. The eskimos can have the skeeters and the bush. Question is, what y'all gon do about those pothead hippies in town?
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