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  1. You better the big one might get mistaken for a coyote.
  2. Well that one doesn’t work
  3. If you can’t tell the difference between that dog and a wolf you do not need to be hunting.
  4. Oh so he’s a child predator like that piece of crap ruining our country? No grown man should pay so much attention to kids like brandon does. It’s down right effin disgusting. FJB FFBI FIRS F.GOV. How in the living hell nobody in the media or congress or the senate calls that old pervert out is beyond me. Brandon sniffing and groping young girls media Trump did it.
  5. Welding has always intrigued me. Would love to learn to do it.
  6. He’s done a few of these videos. I thought they were interesting. His guns he can do want he wants with them.
  7. That’s racist. LOL. Black grease matters. LOL. Had to mess with ya.
  8. I use wd40 or some Teflon stuff in a can or some of my Lucas gun lube whichever is closest.
  9. Exactly what Fog said these people are invading us why the hell doesn’t anyone understand this. FJB FKH
  10. So I figured I better change the oil on my new riding mower it said after 25 hours change it and filter. Drain plug is recessed so they gave me this gay little plastic thing you snap on under the drain. No seal mind you so of course it leaked. Plug wasn’t to much of a pain in the ass. No comes the filter. Of course it’s slightly recessed as well. I figured I can loosen it by hand. Not a chance. I don’t have one of the cap style filter wrench. So on too old school wrench all it did was slip. No I’m getting pissed. What kinda do Richard head puts a filter on this tight. Now I clean the filter and wrap two surgical style gloves over it they slip and tear. Now I’m effin irritated. Then I remember my small rubber strap wrench for cans and bottles it grips and I’m twisting the **** out of it and then I feel the filter starting to crush. Cussing and throwing **** ensues. Walking away wanting to kill the prick who did this. Sitting there thinking and I see my gorilla tape. Wrap a piece around filter wrench still slips. So then I take two pieces fold them over so now I got double sided tape stick it on slip wrench on let stick good for a minute. Start twisting it and it’s not slipping finally breaks free. Hot damn. I still hate the prick who installed it.
  11. I will never forget. I remember it like it was yesterday I was on my way to mooch a free lunch from my mom and we watched it on the news. I remember going to the store and the store was as full of people but we were all still stunned it was eerily quiet in the store nobody talking no store music. It was weird as hell. Not hearing planes in the sky for days no trains running.
  12. I dont have any social media unless this place counts and the chive. Guy i used to work with has it. I guess people put where they work on there. He thought it would be smart to post some racist stuff on there after the floyd thing. Claims it was cause he was still under anesthesia. What a nightmare all the calls we got calling us racists. i was told by the big boss that if i mentioned the company name on social media he would can me and anyone else. He had the IT guy block guns sites and porn as well. Ol rick was found to be watching like five hours of porn a day in his office.
  13. She’s a disgusting piece of **** demon rat hope she dies of ass cancer.
  14. **** joe pedo biden and his bullshit speech tonight and **** anyone who supports him. He’s a child rapist and so is hunter the crackhead. **** you biden and your whole family and your supporters.
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