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  1. We use Louis Kemp brand. tom.
  2. Flashed just before was... Studded. tom.
  3. Thanks and right back at you. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. tom.
  4. Great news. I hope it all works well for her. tom.
  5. I don't think I'd walk on most of the stairs posted so far. tom.
  6. That looks like one of our dogs in the background. tom.
  7. He was the last cast member left. RIP,Sir. tom.
  8. Back in the good old days gunsmiths did that to improve the accuracy of S&W K-frame revolvers. Then later S&W introduced the L-frames that looked like that. They were referred to as poor man's Pythons. tom.
  9. I just got home from the polls. Very few others were present. tom.
  10. Those are Highland Cattle. tom.
  11. That was great!! tom.
  12. It was in the hallway right above the soda acid fire extinguisher. tom.
  13. Today I woke up as I usually do. The only thing different was the clock said 4 o'clock instead of 5 o'clock. tom.
  14. I knew this was coming. RIP, Sir. tom.
  15. Matt's Off Road Recovery at it's best. tom.
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