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  1. Also please remember that even the Sunday news show have not, and that 9-11-2012 Benghazi was attacked by militant terroist.
  2. Hot shot snobs in HS, and not a pot to piss in today.
  3. I though you wore red since Labor Day is a Socialist holiday.
  4. Ramjet38


    Wow!! That's really torqued up!!!
  5. And grab a bag of potato chips and a magazine on the way back.
  6. I hope McConnell finds his way of Liz and Kinzinger. May they all rest in pieces.
  7. Where can I get me one of them thar shots?
  8. Well let's just wait until the last minute. The government in action.
  9. Okay I need an answer. Did the law pass to keep daylight savings time or not?
  10. I'm a simple man so I'm expected to be confused.
  11. I agree totaly with janice6. That is all.
  12. I hid behind the chicken coop, and got my ass busted when I went home.
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