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  1. I had a bunch of emails this morning.
  2. Is this how it’s supposed to be?
  3. Hey Eric I got a like on a post and didn’t get an email alert. Was I supposed to? I got my settings on for that.
  4. This is bullshit!! Why ain’t they raiding pedo hunter? How about hilliary hell pedo joe for that matter. These miserable ******* are doing anything they can to stop Trump from running. Filthy bastards! FJB FTHEFBI. All of them filthy bitch FBI agents will go unscathed so will the higher ups. Sooner people realize we are getting fucked over the better you’ll be. If they can do this to a president imagine what they can and will do to you. I don’t trust a damn law enforcement officer of any kind.
  5. I think I got the settings done right so I will get email. Hope it helps
  6. I see they dragged his senile old ass to Kentucky to visit flood victims and of course he’s hugging girls getting a little sniff of one’s hair. No mask on coughing his empty head off. FJB
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