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  1. What the hell are chest binders? Is the new bra for gay men? Or trannies? Jesus I can’t believe how far America has sunk with all this queer ****.
  2. I got there street taco kit from around the meat section they were pretty damn tasty. Bought a ravioli lasagna with bolagnse sauce however you spell it I liked it. Might have to look for the soup. Thanks for the heads up about the soup @DAKA.
  3. I’ve never been a member of the that place but have read some stuff over there. Was amazed at how many of them talked **** about Eric and this site. Quite a few arrogant stuck up a$$holes over there. One thing I found strange was how the long time posters can get away with being down right nasty to new people or other members and it’s fine with the mods. Not a place for me.
  4. I just figured I’d throw the photo up.
  5. I found it strange there was a thread about beetles bug and then I seen these two. I’m no car guy at all I couldn’t tell anybody the difference between two cars by looking at a bumper. I just figured I’d post the photo.
  6. Good for mom! It truly pisses me off they canceled my membership for this.
  7. Did you steal these items? **** no I didn’t and don’t ever call me a thief. Showed receipt to two managers and a door person. They canceled my membership. Won’t name the store but it’s starts with a C. Son of a bitches.
  8. Here you go Tom. Found these when I went to town after reading your thread. I dropped in and talked to the owner he said the yellow one is spicy. Also said he couldn’t imagine selling them.
  9. Got the deck swept off in the midnight sun now gonna have some beer. Cheers y’all.
  10. You are spot on more people need to smoke one and chill the eff out and stop getting offended over the stupidest stuff.
  11. 13 percenters doing what they do. Savages.
  12. Let me guess it was the black kids that got offended. My mom picked cotton for many years being poor white trash in Texas.
  13. So boats are immune to attacks? Are you for her passing or not? Myself I don’t really care but you seem to have a hard on for this subject. Oh sorry ships.
  14. Hook


    What do you guys think of musk buying twitter? Should we join and irritate the man bun wearing pansies on the site? We could always piss off the Karen’s. Do you think Trumps account will opened?
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