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  1. So true. The percentages of kids graduating school these days that have NEVER worked is dumbfounding. Even more couldn't start a lawn mower or change the oil or a tire on a vehicle. It's sad. BUT the ones who can are light years ahead of their so called peers.
  2. Biden claims Delaware has the most chicken in the country and NO turkeys. Dumb sumbitch is wrong on both counts.
  3. BTW, you might be using your 'meat thermometer' wrong if it isn't reading 98.6 and high humidity.
  4. I just put another log on the fire. Toasty warm here in The Greatland.
  5. I climbed an old fire lookout back in my high school days. The entire structure was moving with my weight. The wooden steps were long ago past their prime. Built before my time and also before treated wood was available. I doubt it stood much longer. Likely a wind storm toppled it. Was on the coast of Washington's Olympic Peninsula. The view was something to behold.
  6. Oregon is being run by Portland and Salem. Sad what's happening to this mostly rural state. Same as Washington being run by 206'ers. Those in the Seattle still using the old 206 area code.
  7. That is a horrible tragedy. I flew on 909 about 20 years ago and that one is also gone now.
  8. Alaska State Trooper pulled me over in the wee hours of the morning in Kenai. She asked me if I was related to (insert family name here that just so happened to be my cousin, but NOT the Kenai Chief of Police) I said, "Yes, Rick is my cousin." She handed me back my driver's license and told me to have a good day. My cousin by the same name lived 3000 miles away but wasn't a chief of anything.
  9. I brought bugs of some kind home in my groceries years ago. I tossed lots of stuff, still had bugs. I dumped ground cloves in the cupboards I saw them in. Gone.
  10. Cops should have insisted on testing Pelosiwith a rape kit. Probably would have found out he got hammered at both ends.
  11. Maybe he had already been 'hammered' a few times and that's why he can't keep his story straight.
  12. What happened to the cops showing up in 2 minutes???????
  13. You mean like when Epstein Hillaryed himself?
  14. Try changing the driver side headlight on a 2010 Subaru Outback. Remove the tire and wheel. Remove inner fender liner. Pull plastic cover from behind headlight, about 3" diameter. Now reach your hand in completely blocking the hole and unplug the wiring by feel. Now remove a little wire clip that if you drop it, you'll never see it again. Pull out headlight bulb. Try to push new bulb in and keep it in place while you TRY to reinstall the ******* clip by feel since you can't see past your hand. Reinstall everything else in reverse order. No idea why they don't use the bulbs you twist in after attaching the wiring.
  15. Now the media is saying Pelosi and Depape were clothed.
  16. Let's see.......Scaled a fence in his underwear. Oh wait, he wasn't in his underwear. Carrying a hammer. No alerts on the outdoor security cameras. Break out a glass door and cause all the glass to fall outside. Okay. No security system notifications. Yeah, right. Unknown person answers the door when the cops show up. Where is that person now? Were they also in their underwear? Pelosi is knocked unconscious but manages to tell the police Depape was saying 'where's Nancy?" Later we learn Depape also supposedly brought zip ties, tape, and rope. Must have carried them in his underwear. Oh wait, he wasn't in his underwear. And a journal. No active security at the home. Where were all the Chinese spies Nancy employs? Housekeepers? Butlers? Cooks? Foot washers? Servants? Depape lives nearby. No wait, He lives across the Bay. Berkley. Check. He lives in a school bus with BLM flags and gay homo flags. No wait again. He lives in someone's basement. He is a right wing extremist. Based on the BLM and Gar Pride flags. In the country illegally. Check. Long criminal history. Check. Mental illness. Check. Everyone on the compound where he lives is a Kook. Check. Just a few days to an election the dems are losing. Check. So many questions, so few real answers.
  17. Where is the video from the outside cameras that can be seen in the news cast?
  18. The hospital should have broke out the rape kit and tested Pelosi. Pretty sure that would have answered a lot of questions.
  19. I need to see the actual injuries. On Paul. Not on a body double.
  20. President Biden claims US has FIFTY-FOUR states as concerns over age continue to mount (msn.com)
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