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  1. Needs a faded logo on the doors. ROSS & SONS LOGGING Carrolls, Wa. Est. 1940
  2. My bow is a single shot and had slaughtered 22 bull moose.
  3. And here I had venomous snakes for July. Hadn't thought of battle hardened monkeys.
  4. Now that the Roe V Wade decision is officially out, we'll be seeing lots of wailing women to use for memes. GO.
  5. I was in a Washington gun store today and asked about the Keltek PMR 30 and what the magazine ban meant. He said he won't be able to stock or sell them. They don't come with 10 round mags. Maybe there will be a surplus in other states.
  6. Maybe those people that have to medicate themselves daily already had issues.
  7. Never thought of that, but I have beat the crap out of a lot of dudes in that ring.
  8. Way back in the day a friends munchkins were at my house. One of them headed straight towards my Pioneer speakers that had the covers off, finger sticking out like he was going to poke it. A quick twist of the volume knob and Jr. fell straight back on his butt. Was no longer interested in the speakers.
  9. Biden doesn't even know what day it is. He is a puppet and a bunch of goons that wish ill on America are pulling his strings.
  10. Is that another firearm in the visor?
  11. Ruger #1 Tropical Rifle in .458 pushing a 400 grain Barnes X solid copper bullet. Moose don't know what hit them.
  12. When the auger hangs up, you get a carnival ride. These things can screw themselves right into the ground if you don't lift and clear them. Then you are digging them out. Don't ask how I know.
  13. Drill a bunch of holes for a split rail fence years ago with one of these two.
  14. These saws really didn't have much power or speed, but the chain was often 3/4 pitch compared to modern saws that run 3/8 or .325 pitch.
  15. My uncle often said, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."
  16. Back in '76 I had a sweet Trans Am. Low miles, Cragar Mags, tuned dual exhaust, functional hood scoop. Yellow. 400 and 4 speed. I'd spit shine it and it was always spotless. Right up until the ex would haul the kids to town and stop at McDonalds. Foot prints on the back of the bucket seats. Greasy hand smears everywhere. French fries mashed into the carpet, and wrappers on the floor. She never could figure out that it would be better to eat inside McD's and leave the mess behind, have the runts wash their hands before getting back in the car. I started driving the car to work and left the F250 High Boy for her. The miles she drove dropped significantly, but her bitching increased.
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