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And you think you had a bad day.


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It sounds like she's blaming her condition on a faulty headlamp. :upeyes:

People, ya jest don't go to Congo/DRC/Sierra Leone type places for fun.  Meth/dudes on meth are probably a safer choice. ?

Heck, FIH to JNB alone is a 4 hour flight, just to get somewhere with first world facilities.  And, I probably wouldn't revisit South Africa at this point.

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23 minutes ago, pipedreams said:

"she tripped over a fallen tree, breaking her leg in four places and have nerve damage."

Must of been a hell of a trip or she is awful delicate.

To bad they didn't just leave her for the critters.




I was thinking that.

Isn't she also vegan? I should look it up, but seem to recall she said so in an interview.

It has been my anecdotal observation that vegans have softer bones and don't take falls well.

Could just be advancing years. None of us bounce as well as we used to.

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One stormy night, in the near future, she drove off the road and crumpled her car in a ditch. A farmer happened to hear the crash through the storm and went to investigate. He found her, and knowing there was no chance of anyone responding in that terrible storm he buried her in his field. 

After the storm let up a few days later, since the phones where still out, he went into town to tell the sheriff. The sheriff seemed to approve of how he handled the situation but asked "She was dead for sure when you buried her?" 

"Yes." said the farmer "She said she wasn't, but you know how much she lied."

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