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  1. I pulled the pins on my doors in 2001 and lubed them with soap. I haven't had a squeaker since then. A little extra work, so often saves you more work later on. Edit: 2011, not 2001. oops
  2. Must own at least five firearms................Agree Own a pickup...........................................Not a must, but doesn't hurt OU Football team sucks...........................Why stop at just OU? Whataburger better than In and Out........I'm with Mrs Cicero on this one. Taco Bell...................................................Taco Hell
  3. Now I feel left out. My soap is white too. WG&SM (white grease and soap matter)
  4. Not actually a motorcycle, but at one time I guess it was.
  5. Squeaky hinges at my house get the hinge pins pulled one at a time. Rub a bar of hand soap on them and slide them back in and on to the second and then third pin. No oily mess and no dust collection on the oily film.
  6. Wow! They even had that butt ugly grill way back then!
  7. This might have belonged in the other thread, but I just remember the first thing I though of when I saw this back in 2000 was WTF! Kenworth T2000 Bonneville record for highway hauler. I never knew there was such a category. Powered by a twin turbochared K model Cummins. If I recall correctly it was pumping out over 2000 hp
  8. I had never heard that one either. but I also never wear hats.
  9. I am not at all surprised that there are recalls. First off, recalls are not at all uncommon, especially on a new model, Second, I feel that most of these new electric vehicles are being rushed to market, so unexpected bugs are very likely to show up. Third, I agree with DAKA. That abomination is not a Mustang!
  10. I first heard of it years back when my wife asked me to take my daughter to get some dress shoes for some occasion or another. I called the wife from the shoe store and told her we had found a very pretty pair or white shoes. She then informed me that I could not buy those because you cant wear white after Labor Day. I don't recall exactly what my response was but I do know that the words "Bull ****" and quite a bit of laughing preceded the sound of her hanging up on me. I don't think I got any that night either.
  11. I hate stupid traditions. I have my white shirts picked out for the rest of the week following Labor Day.
  12. My eating habits have always been erratic. There are times when I forget to eat at all for a day or two. I do not recall a time where I ever did three squares a day.
  13. The funny part is that the residents of Texas are not getting sent to Shitcago. Just illegals. An real Texas resident would not willingly move to a city with a mayor like that!
  14. That would be the way to do it!
  15. To have it in a chassis that handles better than a 58 Vette.
  16. I am NOT letting my wife see this!
  17. I was once pulled over by a local police officer who gave me a warning for my right headlight being out. I had a key to the shop where I worked so I went straight there and replaced it. The very next evening, on the same road, the same police officer pulled me over again and got on my case about not fixing my headlight. I told hem that I had replaced it and got out to look. The left had burned out and he refused to believe I had fixed it. I had kept the warning and it said nowhere on it what side was out the night before and he wrote me a real ticket. Years later I had a right headlight burn out on my Goldwing. I replaced it and by the time I got home the left was also burned out. I now always replace them in pairs.
  18. This one may not qualify as forgotten, but here it is anyway.
  19. Can never go wrong with Matthau and Lemmon.
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