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  1. San Pedro De Atacama, Chile
  2. Entrance next to a Trading Post outside of Zion National Park.
  3. Grand Teton National Park
  4. Image of The Nile River taken from the ISS.
  5. Tornado warned supercell near Midland, South Dakota.
  6. Warriors Moon Photo, @ vincentjamesphotography
  7. From hill Gulács in Hungary -photo made by Josef Jordan
  8. Italy Photo, @ jan_poloni
  9. In the Duomo of Milan we find a disconcerting sculpture that represents Saint Bartholomew flayed with his skin as a tunic, showing a stark realism. The piece, dated in the year 1562, was made in marble by the sculptor Marco d'Agrate Another view of this wonderful sculpture
  10. Milky Way and Meteor over Arches National Park. Photo, Derek Culver
  11. The Oregon Coast Photo, @ chipphillipsphoto
  12. Lake Hefner Lighthouse, Oklahoma City.
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