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  1. I use mine as a telephone. If you're too important to talk to me, take your text and shove it.
  2. These are not far out. You ask for the whole world, and hope to get your truck and half the checking account.
  3. Gold and silver are great. but what are you going to do with it if the economy collapses? Can't very well trade gold bars for groceries. 750 ml bottles of whiskey will be far easier to trade.
  4. Eagle Rare is damn hard to beat.
  5. A lot of DEM Senators want to get re-elected. I doubt all of them will support this.
  6. My son was in ICU for 4 weeks following a motor vehicle accident. No problems with using cell phones.
  7. Any that that you are looking DOWN at the grass is a good one.
  8. A pretty good day for me. Finally got a haircut. Had a nice little nap. Sat in the sun for an hour and got some rays.
  9. Spit n polish has always been an integral part of military discipline. It instills Esprit de Corps. Look at a Marine to see what all military personnel should look like.
  10. And don't forget Leon Uris. Battle Cry Mila 18 Exodus And Herman Wouk Winds of War War and Remembrance
  11. Lack of discil;ine and esprit de corps is hurting them. Long haired soldiers. soldiers allowed to wear camo out in public. Half of them do not even own a dress uniform. No pride in their appearance. No more "Spit 'n' Polish."
  12. Call them conspiracy theorists.
  13. Hornfischer William Manchester Asimov Heinlein A.B. Guthrie
  14. Do you actually believe that nonsense????
  15. I truly believe that all of the big scare tactics against the vaccine are nothing more than anti-government "tinfoil hat" paranoia. Unfortunately, some folks go to Infowars.com, OAN etc and actually believe the crap being shovelled by the looney-toons conspiracy nutz..
  16. 660 deaths which may, or may not, be attributable to the vaccine. Over .5 million dead from the virus.?
  17. And do you know of ANY statistically significant studies that indicate that it isn't safe??? No, I didn't think so.
  18. And have any of you seen any hard evidence that it isn't safe???? Something other than Infowars or OAN??
  19. Not going to allow anti-government paranoia to make me pass up a good thing. The vaccine is safe and effective.
  20. Lotsa you folks have never been through military survival school. (SERE)
  21. hate to sound unkind, but I have ZERO sympathy for anyone who gets the virus after refusing the vaccine.
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