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  1. For the private detective slot, 24 years worth of David Suchet as Hercule Poirot. For the cop slot, Philip Glenister as DCI Gene Hunt in Life on Mars. If you haven't seen it, you should. It's set in 1973 Manchester, England. The soundtrack is my childhood, lol.
  2. So my youngest daughter just got hired full-time at the oil /gas/water well servicing company. She thinks the boss was a little bemused that a girl wanted to do that sort of work... and she'll be the only girl in a 43 man shop. The boss told her that in the 50+ years the place has been in business, there have only been two other women work there (outside the office) - one was his sister and the other his floor manager's wife. She doesn't understand why most people don't want to work outside in the winter, because she spends her time slogging through the pasture and doing farm chores here in all weather, and she likes it. I think he felt better when she told him she was a farm kid and didn't mind weather. It's her first full time job (she's 19, and has been working part time at a small engine repair place for the last 3 1/2 years). She was pleased at the pay rate... but her dad told her to wait until she met Mr.FICA to be that happy about that, lol. She's sad she won't be able to do her part time job except on Saturdays anymore, though, because she loves her boss there. And she says she'll have to make knitting dates now with his wife (the Mrs taught her to knit a couple years ago, and they get together 3 times a week to knit together after her shift in the shop. Basically, her boss and his wife have spoiled her as the grand daughter they never had - all their grand kids are boys. I hope she likes her new workmates this much... Anyway, she reminds me now and then that not all of whatever we're calling the post-millennial kids are a waste of oxygen, and do actually have a work ethic.
  3. I swear this timeline has gone completely off the rails. put me back in the version where these shenanigans are strictly fictional thriller novels.
  4. Will? I think they are already. It took 5 weeks to get the parts for my 2013 truck. Then 2 more weeks because one of the parts was shipped broken. I finally got the truck back yesterday... 6 hours after I had to rent a car to drive to PA. Doh.
  5. I think I've lived in a few of those places...
  6. My husband loved that show growing up, so he bought all the DVDs and we all watched them together. Thanks for the memories, LeBeau!
  7. My biggest fear is the Trump/Never Trump shite splits the rightwing vote again, and we get 4 more years of Demento and/or Word Salad from Knee Pads.
  8. I told my kids not to take any jobs where a condition of employment is getting jabbed. They already had no patience for the DIE nonsense.
  9. I still don't have my truck back from the auto body shop. Took 5 weeks to get all the parts they thought they needed, then when they started doing the work, they discovered they needed a couple fender brackets, too - so that's another 8 days, while it's at the shop and I can't drive it. I am not enamored of getting up at 5AM to drive MrC to work, driving kid to work, pick up kid from work, pick up Mr.C from work at 5PM. All I have time to to do is drive people - ordinarily he'd take his car, the kid would take my truck, and I would spend the day working the farmette. Nothing is getting done on the farmette while this is going on. I'm going hunting tomorrow (opening day firearms season) and whacking a deer with my new rifle. Because I deserve a steak.
  10. and this is why we have written contracts...
  11. Well, here in MI, the dems got their wish- they voted to no longer require ID to vote, so we'll never see another honest election in this state. I wish I could move. Like, to another planet at this point.
  12. Mrs.Cicero

    Uh Oh

    Well, I didn't win, so you all aren't getting any ammo from me for Christmas.
  13. Yes. I'm old enough to remember when the Reps were Blue and the Dems were Red. It's been at least 20 years since the MSM switched the colors, though. And yes, the commies wanted to hide their commie leanings behind a blue flag...
  14. Go read you some Larry Correia. Great author, right wing LDS... and fellow gun nut.
  15. Oh look, I get 4 more years of Gretch the Wretch! At least that means she won't be starting in a federal level appointed position next week, where she could screw the rest of the country (and not just Michigan, Ohio, and Canada, the way she has here already). And it has been pointed out to me that if Dixon had won, there is nothing she could have done to stop the downward spiral int eh MI economy for a least 2 years, and probably longer... meaning Dixon would have been blamed for the long term effects of Whitless's policies, and we'd get stuck with a Dem governor again when the economy didn't recover instantaneously. Whatever democretin got elected would then get the benefit of whatever recovery Dixon's policies would have had, and we'd all the screwed again. Oh, and all the asinine Props passed, so now you don't need to provide any ID when voting anymore, because the Dems wanted the ability to cheat more easily than they already did. We also now have legal abortion up to birth (no parents need be informed even if it is their minor child getting the abortion) and you can't sue anyone for providing one even if their incompetence maims or kills you. In addition, if your minor child wants to pretend s/he is the opposite gender of his/her actual chromosomes... you can't stop him/her from taking puberty blockers, or hormones, or having his/her parts chopped off... (and I give it about months before CPS starts taking kids away from parents if they DO try to stop their 10 year old from doing so). I hate this state. I wish I could move. I'm going to do everything I can to ensure my kids don't stay here, so they don't end up trying to raise families in this cesspit of idiocy.
  16. Well that little stunt says he's no longer a functional alcoholic, and has now reached the stage in which he either goes to rehab or he trashes his family and future, in addition to his career.
  17. And for a whole bunch of whoppers... https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/05/politics/fact-check-biden-midterms-2022/index.html?fbclid=IwAR0lQa8JPjk10wqZiwiwDGumMKcDhNQeifENImHphUFpVMoNkADVK2BIGW4
  18. Trump will be 78 in 2024. He'd finish his term when he was 82. That is a concern. I prefer him to any democretin on the planet, but that's mighty old to be President. I mean, Reagan at least had sense enough to choose Cabinet members and staffers who were competent to pick up the slack in the last 2 years of his second term, but Bidet is a completely demented puppet and I don't know who the hell is really running this country - whoever it is is definitely trying to destroy it. There's a minimum age requirement for the job. Maybe there ought to be a maximum age, too. I don't know. It just concerns me.
  19. Why are they even bringing it here? There's so many meth labs around here, I don't see the point in imports.
  20. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups (Not those disgusting Reeses). Just one. Also,fresh kettle corn from that little shop in Dayton, Wyoming. There was no way that bag was going to last all the way home to Michigan. Hell, it didn't even make it out of the state of Wyoming.
  21. I think I might actually darken the door of a theater to seat that. For the first time in... 5 years? Maybe?
  22. I thought it would, but I looked everywhere, even in the manual, and there was nothing.
  23. I went to use my husband's Ford Fusion (the commuter car) to jumpstart some guy's dead truck at the gas station yesterday. Whereupon I discovered that the battery in the Fusion is shoved so far under the dash, that only the positive post is available to clip the jumper cables to. So, whose brilliant idiocy was it to make me go looking for some other bit of metal that isn't related to any electrical or computer-y bits in the car, to ground the other cable? It's just dumb. And how the hell am I supposed to even change that battery when it comes time? What happened to the ease of the '79 Malibu I learned on? I had to charge that darn battery every night in order to get to school and work and home before it would die on me (because my father forgot to mention that the two year battery was five years old - if he'd SAID something, I would have known I should replace it, anyway, that's a whole 'nother rant. I'm just annoyed by engineers making things so dang complicated.
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