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What’s In A Profile Picture


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What’s the scoop behind your profile picture?  Maybe a significant other?  An alter ego?  Your happy place?

My profile pic is our newest addition to the family, Sadie Grace.  We got Sadie from the humane society the day after she and her litter-mates were left in a box on the doorstep.  She was approximately 8 weeks old at the time

In in my profile pic she is around 3 months old.  Today she is about 8 months old and 37lbs.  We have no clue what she is.  Our best guess is a Heeler/Shepherd mix.  No clue how big she will get, although at this point I think she will max out in the mid-40lbs.  Funny thing is my wife wanted a Goldendoodle or a Berniedoodle   I wanted a Weimareiner.  We compromised and got a mutt neither of us wanted.  :anim_lol:

My wife and I had a Yorkie before we had kids, but this our first family pet.  I have four kids—two boys and two girls.  They are all smitten with Sadie.  And, if pressed, I admit I’m pretty damn fond of her too.  

So, that’s my profile pic.  What’s the story behind or significance of yours?

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Me, at The World's Most Famous Beach, with pimp shades and joint added by my best friend's son with Asperger's high-functioning autism. Fked-up thing is, I ended up not going to the school on my hat (UCF) for grad school. They only offered a Doctorate, and all I wanted was a Master's. I should see if he'll photoshop in a hat from my school...

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My 2006 Two Tone 9mm P229 with the 228 upper on it. I bought the upper in 2015(?) when dismarshal was selling the Sig 228 Parts kits on Ebay for about $154.95 delivered IIRC. I sent it to Sig for inspection, reblue and new night sights. By the time it was done I think I have close to $400 in the upper but I like it. 


Good looking dogs you guys have.

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4 hours ago, Batesmotel said:

My wife sitting on some bass speakers I made. It was part of a series of photos I did on vintage stereos and speakers. I used it as a profile pic on an audio forum. Used it here also. 

Classic—I like the vintage look!

2 hours ago, ASH said:

im a crack shot with  rifle .  everyone always joked i would have been a damn good sniper, lol .  so  i was called  reaper as nick name  for years and kinda just stuck , 

Very nice!

2 hours ago, DWARREN123 said:

Best Army unit I was ever in!


Thanks for your service!

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Pleeplius the Monkey.

Main travelling buddy and drinking companion, so one never drinks alone.


First appeared in "Three Sheets", then on "Drinking Made Easy" on various cable networks.

We share the same personality - stuffed monkeys with a penchant for spirits of any sorts 



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