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  1. I had that exact (i think) car in Hotwheels.
  2. Tom Cruise is a God, again. He's dreamy.
  3. Cereal boxes are the same height and width as always. But they are now 1" thick.
  4. I'm certain that my next vehicle will have mechanical door locks and roll-up windows.
  5. If you had been using solar panels, the glaciers wouldn't have melted.
  6. "Missiles?!? Bombs?? No. No. They are fleeing in terror, like dogs!!!" ~Baghdad Bob
  7. Both caused by man-made climate change.
  8. I've got 3' channel-locks. They don't get used very often, but sometimes you just need to crush and torque the hell out of something.
  9. We'll wake up with Darryl, and his other brother Darryl.
  10. Get a laser-pen and you can make a cat outmaneuver Bruce Lee.
  11. for half of the US. "Blood Moon" Penumbra starts ~9:30pm et. Totality starts ~10:30. Totality max ~11:30.
  12. woohoo. I don't really care who wins. The dearth of "old school" hockey seems especially prevalent. I've seen a couple scrappy games that were kinda exciting. Maybe it'll get better.
  13. Manxy is the recognized authority when it comes to feline anatomy.
  14. No. They'll die after a couple months if you don't feed them.
  15. Cat's tongues are very coarse and will soon abrade the mole off, if you smear some Tuna Pate on your head.
  16. A customer once told us (at the same job I have now), "I give you guys an A Triple-plus." "Really?" "Yep. You showed up on time. You knew what you were doing. You had all the tools and parts you needed. And you finished before the end of the day. No one can do that any more."
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