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  1. dint know him well but considered a friend , his wife and mine are friends . well he has a smith and wesson 357 . im not wheel gun person so i thought id ask . she asked me because i wouldnt cheater her , seem pos neighbor offered her 300 bucks. taking advantage of people is big high blood pressure mark for me / so i told her id post in my gun forum to get honest price . i dunno bout shipping, i explained to her bout ffl etc and guns scare her . here are pics she sent me . what its worth ???? if anyone close in nc i could meet or buy and ship for her .
  2. TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD , skip book . watch the movie
  3. i got ways to watch theatre movies, its 3 hours of whatt the FFFF is going on . and how they picked the guy for batman ygm i watch little over hour . cat woman bleh , riddler lol you just have to watch sitting in bed waiting waiting nope bunch of crap . i did like the plan jane bat suit . the story line predictable , but decent. afew backtracks but still a D- THERE IS NO ACTION IN THIS MOVIE. NONE . and how can batman wear a suit he can get shot thru ?? this move is gonnna stall alot of job ... best actor John TUTTURO bar none . and when he jump off build and his squirrel flying suit opens i gotta roll my eyes
  4. saw where one dude pulled up illegal ar 15 s and ammo . i think i read it right. i got perfect spots between and duplin county , next time visit family gonn have to try it , from my house to the cosst have the most bridged creeks and rivers then anywhere. every mine you go over one but i know if i get hung up i cutting that rope and starting over , ive seen more watercoppermoccsins ive seen in long time, hell me and cousin was going fishing and gator grabbing , that morning we flip over john boat and like came out its omething to seea fat relative run . i had the old 20 gauge my pappy gave me .didnt cat nuttin , hook nuttin or see nothing , i reckon something swatchy was around i seen one kid pull up a security box ofcurse all papers were ruined but had some coins in it . and for a kid that the lottery , well when i was kid , now parent gives a kid 100 bucks to buy a game and leave her alone im going up to charlie daniels homeplace just asking if i can , if not its cool he grew up bout 12 miles from us
  5. well i guess it didnt happen damn ambien
  6. ok when i was17 my dad always s aid i pick the best cars , for gas , little speed nice . soi told dad get 87 grand national its a buick . lol tricked him . man that car was quick. still got original window sticker . and i will never forget test driving that gnx they had , 43,000 i beeged an pleaded its gonna be collector by both keep mile odd gnx. gnx prices now ??? 220 to 250 thousand dollar .for a buick , if he was alive right now id kick him in the dick . so they also had t type model . same motor different interior etc i just they look cheesy without the turbo 6 seats , turbo model was 15 ,ooo i said hell im leaving this dealership and i will stay right here or in the waffle house until you get gn . so he bought it everyone was happy. til one night crestin a hill in 93 old lady didnt stop at sign and i knew the angle i would have killed her . so i quickly swerved to go around her hoping no car coming . nope head at 80 no airbags knocked her honda bout 100 feet back , she spent in hospital , i had 4 crack ribbed bruised pelvis concusssion and brok pinky toe . do know , but as soon as i saw headlight i reclined the seat flat fast, tropper said if i hadnt my face and neck would have broke. i alway said im buying nother one to cruise in the gn is just vader all day long . good condition ,garaged low mile .. i show up yep i take my guy was there with trailer to load ,dude started him hawing ,we southeners know what him hawing is . the week we shook hands , the take trailer. basically big upset out of 500 bucks gas hotel , he said he had someone offer him 20 more i said go for . i also told him close up im watch sales site for grand nationals and if i see it you will have bad day. i think its a game people play . like a set of friends who can screw the most gets key to the clubhouse in the woods with the wendego head above fire plac but i will get one if you can read my jibberish good , if ya cant move on . ive had pms all week oh i was able to get out and sit down the woman who pulled out tried to leave scene saying what happened . she got bust , we got more money then gn was worth , never forget test driving cars when you could alone lol i skintz and barked 4 gear then my dream was gone i got life insurance on wife i took out 2o year ago. she kicks before me well im jus saying lol
  7. found a hd in the closet on the floor , i remember it used to be in old laptop i had that broke, thought what the hell i had another laaptop . got it all hooked back up , starting looking at the pics i had , man i forgot alot of pics . then i found a pic of some weirdo . roflmao
  8. few years ago farmer we knew lost all his strawberries in the fields because of a rare disease . me and and alot of other farmers paid all his bills and paid him what he would have made that year once before i had my pond built i was big in tobacco we had big drought that year , a farmer down the road had big pond , i would have lost over 60,000 if not for farmers who got together , local sheriff gave out free permit to run pipes as far as we needed as there is a limit , i came home that day and say water spraying the fields i pulled over and just cried . we do take care of our own and i got a free pond built also . tearing up now , yall have good night .
  9. tonight my arm is sore as hell but thats bout it , bones ache alot more then yesterday but thats because its colder here and day older. i saw a guy when i was in hospital few years ago i was doing my get up and walk hall like they make you do . i walked down to snack area i thought the guy got burned , we struck up conversation and he had shingles. and had the blistered face and said he lost vision in one eye but some vision might come back , after that and my moms friend having it and couldnt get rid of it and suffered for years i will take covid anyday , he told me the only reason he didnt blow his head off was his kids and family . kept in touch with the guy for swhile then i didnt hear anything else from him . i mean he looked like he was set on fire , he had a little cup i wont never forget he was holding it with hand over and the blisters had some liquid and drip drip drip .
  10. cvs is been gviing them out here for 3 months, i use to scoff at covid like most people . ive lost 6 people and 2 close friends because of it so its not that funny anymore . i wear my own . i they re still giving them away as i was there getting my 1 shingles shot for 70 % protection i go back within so many days for booster for 95 prcent more worried on shingles then covid . i had bad chicken pox as a kid in hospital . im 53 and i got email talking bout shingles yesterday that was my clue . \ ive know people who get shingle so bad they wish would die . my moms friend got shingles and got that pain neuralgia and it never went away for 6 years . when you see old ladies who grew up tough as nails doing mans work crying daily to go to sleep and not wake up tells you something . obviously condition may vary .
  11. Fundraiser by Myers Family : Help For Sheila After House Fire (gofundme.com) if you want to help or not or cant is ok , just saying some prayers helps , but if you got a place to post the fund page i aprreciate it . as stated nothing expected so no worries , prayers i always found to be so help worthy , i just dont get online hardly at all since retiring but i got upcoming hip and knee replacement this year planned . farming i love and i went from few hours every night to an hour a week maybe , and now we spending summers at beach house and i never get on line there . never had a public job and farming once was so much better then now it just took a toll on my body all these years . tc
  12. cant speak on it specially online but this investigation has turned criminal . its gonna get interesting , lets say gas leak might not be a leak .
  13. if anyone lives in area and has things to donate , she needs clothes and bare essentials . contact red cross. ive hit the trail today and thrift stores to take stuff up , little dog buddy is still missing . and if cant donate praying is very big , right now shes in shock and has been taken to hospital ,but will stsy with her oldest son til things get semi normailized . thanks for all the prayers .
  14. last night at 2 am my wifes sisters house exploded , she lives in montoursvile ,PA , lives alone , right now suspected gas leak her sister is also hanicapped from bad wreck years ago and lost her husband to covid back earlier this year. they also cant find her little dog . the story can be found on wnep news site . she walks with arm stilts and gets around in wheel chair . sometime i wonder and my faith is tested on how things like this happen . can anyone tell me how to start a go fund me help site ? she lost everything but is alive . very lucky . alot of prayers also . mail carrier was out on rounds and helped her out of house a true hero . my wife might have one set up if so i will post it . right prayers are the biggest things . she is staying with one of her sons at the moment . (15) Williamsport Sun-Gazette | Facebook
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