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    Virgin breast milk would probably be cheaper.
  2. I too have an old Sears 42" mower that has done more than its fair share of "mowing". I figured out it needed a blade spindle when the usual noise got really loud and sparks started flying from the deck. The lower bearing decided to leave. It may have had something that do with the occasional dog toy it would send flying in ways Nerf and Chuck-It never intended.
  3. That's sort of what I expected since that's how my endoscopy a decade earlier went. The last person to show up was giving the anesthesia. "Have you ever had any problems from demorol? Ok, count backwards from ten." Got to 7 and saw lights going out. Woke up feeling drunk as hell. I told the person taking me home that it's a good thing they were driving. Not because I couldn't have done it. But because I would have been doing doughnuts in the intersection while waiting for the light. After the colonoscopy, I understood why Michael Jackson wanted it to sleep."
  4. Well, I could have done without seeing that. Time to water my new grass with gasoline.
  5. At least Dave got to see the procedure room. I was told to change and put my clothes in a bag. Then they had me get on a gurney in a hallway with my bag so they could get the IV installed while another nurse verified my information before taking me wherever the procedure would be done. What I didn't realize was the little Asian ninja lady hooking up the IV was actually putting my ass out, and the 57th verification from the other nurse was just a distraction for it. I remember maybe 2 questions, then I woke up farting in recovery. Just "what's you name? What's your birth date? Ok, now I need to... know when..." *blink* *farts*
  6. Its been about 6 years since mine. The propofol put me right out and I awoke feeling like I had the best nap of my life. I immediately had the wife take me to a restaurant to gorge myself. Not being able to eat made me irritable as hell.
  7. I think tonight's tacos and refried beans have given me a recipirocal dingle arm.
  8. Wow, that's pretty stout. I made a few hauls in an '88 F350 dually with a 460 and 4.10s. But it had the C6. 65 was about all it could do. It did two things better than the '95. Burn gas and take up space.
  9. I watched that launch and landing of Jeff Bozo's dildo rocket with Captain Kirk on it. A big deal was made about those Rivian trucks they used to take the crew out to the launch pad and bring them back. But when the capsule landed and the recovery teams were heading out there, yeah they showed the Rivian en route, but the first trucks to get there by a long shot were F150 Raptors. They showed them in the far away helicopter shots but avoided them with the camera crew on the ground.
  10. I'm aware. Both trucks in question had a 3.55 iirc. Even the last version of the 7.3 10 years later had less than 300. 250 in the autos and 275 with the stick shifts. But they had intercoolers which made about a 50 hp difference and kept the EGT down. My uncle parked his '95 for an '03 diesel that he continued to terrorize that trailer with at highway speeds.
  11. Ok? Sure it's fine. She's more talented than me by a mile in voice and instrumentals. But she's no Willie Nelson. Not even close. But nowadays, hardly any are.
  12. I remember seeing some videos of Banks and his exploits with a road racing truck. He basically said when you dont have to worry about the fuel being a limitation, the sky is the limit. But I'm sure Gale had an intercooler on his rigs. That poor kid trying to keep up with us did not.
  13. My uncle had a '95, 2wd regular cab long bed with the 460. He cut the intake restrictors out, replaced the exhaust from the Y to the bumper with a 3" pipe and a high flow muffler, and gave it a K&N and an MSD ignition box, and bumped the timing up. After being used to riding in that truck, a dodge V10 felt like a slug. We were towing a 36' gooseneck with a race car and a bunch of parts to Rockingham one year and someone was attempting to follow in a '93 F250 with the 7.3 and an aftermarket turbo kit, towing a small open trailer and their Mustang. They couldn't keep up because the EGT was running too high trying to stay above 70. That 460 was running 80 like it was cool. Kept OPEC in business though.
  14. If it still has the factory intake tubing between the air filter box and the throttle body, pull that plastic piece in the middle out and cut the restricters off the front of it.
  15. I heard a good one a few weeks ago. One of our more special employees takes over for a guy so he can go to break twice a day. The guy is old and wears glasses all the time. He never takes them off at work, unlike her. Ms. Special pants misplaced her glasses and is all in a tizzy as she gets with anything and everything. She went up to the old guy and asked him if he was wearing her glasses. He wanted to ask her if she was stupid. I could see it on his face from 50 feet away.
  16. I gave you the preview after the major bodywork was done before. But he got it painted and added 21" Tesla wheels to finish it.
  17. The battery crapped out in my 2011 SUV last year. It was still under warranty so I pulled it and went to the store for a free replacement. The last time it went out was on the way home from our vacation. I left the car running in July heat with the whole family inside in the A/C and used jumper cables between the terminals on the car and the new battery so it would stay running. This time, since the voltage was gone from all the modules, they all set a low power code and I ended up having to pay $200 for the dealer to reset every module in the car. The traction control, abs, all wheel drive, and stability control were all non-functional and flashing warnings the whole way to the dealer. The only electric function the thing had was the power steering.
  18. The older I get, the more I think it's spite.
  19. Nothing is probably best. Is the ice from well water, city water, or bottled water? Can't be too safe these days.
  20. I finally watched it at the beginning of what Paul Harrell calls the "beer" situation. I enjoyed it.
  21. He's going to be looking for the better parts of himself when he lands.
  22. She's bald, he made a G.I. Jane reference. OMG, how awful of him! She supposedly has alopecia and decided to shave her head since it would be harder to hide now which I did not know becuse following celebrities' lives concerns me as much as getting one of those Chinese covid anal swabs. If it truly hurt her feelings, well she can sob into millions of dollars to feel better. But I imagine there's more to it than just what was said last night. Rock hosted 6 years ago and Jada and Will both were targets of his jokes then. All I could think was I wonder if Will shows that kind of hostility when his wife sleeps with someone else. Probably not. Maybe he's just trying to reclaim some masculinity so he doesn't look like a pathetic cuck.
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