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  1. I have Ballistol in my gun bag that I use for general gun cleaning and a quick lube. Before I had that, I had a can of Rem-oil. It's now on a shelf by itself in my closet. Since I no longer use it for gun purposes, the Rem-oil is easier to grab for hinges than the WD40 in the garage or the Ballistol with the gun stuff. To summarize Paul Harrell, I'm in no way telling you what YOU should use. I'm only telling you what I use.
  2. That's a woman? I thought it was the guy who played Choo Choo on Justified.
  3. I've seen my local Walmart clear the shelves of halloween candy and replace it with Christmas candy the day before halloween.
  4. Did you ever try one of those impossible whoppers? It's made from a plant that "bleeds". I tried one because I had a coupon and can't say it tasted much different from a normal one after all the stuff they put on it. I figured those vegetarians who don't like the taste or texture of meat would hate it because it leaks it's version of grease when you eat it.
  5. My moustache is made from alpaca fur. Bonus fact: When I wake up in the morning and piss excellence, it smells like sandalwood.
  6. The MiG 29-K is the carrier variant. India's naval arm has had them since 2009 or 2010 depending on the source.
  7. It does immediately let those familiar with the incident know what happened without even opening the story. Can't say I'm going to lose any sleep over it though.
  8. I'm sure Dennis Rodman will sort all of this out on his trip there to get Brittney Griner released
  9. jfost11

    Gary Busey

    I never knew he as in an accident and suffered head trauma. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/gary-busey-accident-trump-playing-god-new-musical-1233086/amp/
  10. You sound like a straight shooter with upper management written all over you.
  11. From what I recall, it's not supposed to take effect this year anyway. Even if passed today, we would fall back again this year, then spring foward for the final time next year.
  12. The Senate passed it. The House was in disagreement over some of the language in it, then they felt there's other things more important to work on. The last thing I read said they don't expect to do anything with it until fall.
  13. Sounds like a trip to the butcher shop is in order. Steaks in the dog bowl for dinner.
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